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RebuildImports.rar - The IDA Pro Book - Rebuild Process Import Table Example Copyright (C) 2008 Chris Eagle <> This program is free software you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version
DumpInfo.rar - he idea behind DumpInfo was to dump only _user_ created information from the disassembly into text a file for your notes or into and IDC script for porting to a new disassembly. Since the accuracy of IDA is constantly improving, sometimes the only thing I ve wanted to save are my comments and names from an old disassembly and just let a newer version of IDA do what it does best when creating a new disassembly
kallsyms_loader.rar - retreive linux symbols strip leading blank characters from string strip trailing blank characters from string Find first delimiter position in string (SPACE or TAB)
stv6417.rar - most parts are equal to stv6412 but not all I think. * I ve made this different to stv6412 because I find it hard to * know what is ment when setting register like there
micom.rar - Kathrein UFS922 MICOM Kernelmodule ported from MARUSYS uboot source,from vfd driver and from tf7700 frontpanel handling (vfd ioctls and read/write function)

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stb0899_drv.rar - STB0899 Multistandard Frontend driver for Linux.
stb0899_algo.rar - STB0899 Multistandard Frontend driver for Linux v2.13.6. - DVB-S STB0899 device driver development pack - stb0899 DVB-S source code Other Embeded program
stb0899.rar - DVB-S STB0899 source code - STAPI PTI documentation - The STAPI SDK provides a unified software development platform for a range of set-top box (STB) devices and operating systems - GBOX Suit source code for DVB STB - gbox (popular cardsharing emulator) protocol source code