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PDController_forAUV.rar - In this Program, we design PID controller for Control of AUV depth. AUV is Automatic Underwater Vehicle that use in Underwater action and Control of its Depth is important.
Fiestordered1_Control.rar - In this Simulation File, we design contol plant of HyperChaotic Sysytem, Chen System is the important Hyper Chaotic. We control this system with Sliding Mode Control First Order And Result show this method is good for this nonlinear System.
System_Descriting.rar - In this Matlab Code we Introduce method you can Descriting Any Continous System transfer function to Descrite time transfer function by Sampling from Continous System. this method is Simple And Useful For Some program that start with Descriting. and the other file is one example from its application.
RLS_System-Identification.rar - In This Matlab Code we Use RLS Method To identify Any System Transfer Function, RLS is based of Recursive Least Squre Algorithm is very important method in System Identification.
BLDC_Control.rar - In This Matlab Simulation, We simulate Control System Of BLDC Motor Speed Control With Addaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control And Simulatione Show That The result is better than other Control Method Such as Conventional PID.

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