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photonic_band.zip - photonic crystal fiber
myNeff_2fen.rar - 用二分法求波导有效折射率,对初学者很有帮助
pcf-neff.rar - 计算光子晶体光纤的有效折射率程序,可以得到有效折射率随波长变化图
Fundamental-Properties-of-PCF.rar - 基于有限元光子晶体光纤的模场与色散分析, 对利用有限元法进行光子晶体光纤研究的朋友很有帮助!
Fiber_Dispersion.rar - Matlab simulation of Fiber dispersion
OPCF.rar - Analysis of propagation characteristics for an octagonal photonic crystal fiber (O-PCF)
band-solver.zip - matlab code for 1 d band solver of photonic crystal fiber
tyq.zip - This code is the photonic crystal fiber section of the light intensity distribution of the simulation program, is of great help to make photonic crystals of peers,
Rauaa.rar - Analytical estimation of neff of photonic crystal fiber. compared with that of Sellemer equation one.
matlab-code.zip - Photonic crystals are attractive optical materials for controlling and manipulating the flow of light. One dimensional photonic crystals are already in widespread use in the form of thin-film optics with applications ranging from low and high reflection coatings on lenses and mirrors to colour changing paints and inks. Higher dimensional photonic crystals are of great interest for both fundamental and applied research, and the two dimensional ones are beginning to find commercial applications. The first commercial products involving two-dimensionally periodic photonic crystals are already available in the form of photonic-crystal fibers, which use a microscale structure to confine light with radically different characteristics compared to conventional optical fiber for applications in nonlinear devices and guiding exotic wavelengths. The three-dimensional counterparts are still far from commercialization but may offer additional features such as optical nonlinearity require
8bb48d26d877.rar - 运用平面波展开法模拟光子晶体光纤中的带隙结构
PBGBand.rar - 非常有用的计算光子晶体光纤的光子带隙,会有很大的帮助
Transmittance_My.rar - 负折射率光子晶体的带隙计算程序请大家参考
pcf.rar - simulate photonic crystal fiber cross section based on matlabe
sedusesan.rar - 色散特性的源代码,光纤通信,matlab,GUI的设计
a-lot-of-fiber-mode.rar - 一组光纤模型,单模光纤和多模光纤都有,很好用
Mode_Distribution_fiber_pwe.zip - 7.11 MATLAB Program for Computation of the Fundamental Mode Distribution in Microstructured Fiber by Means of Plane Wave Expansion Method Program for computation of the mode field distribution in microstructured fiber based on square lattice photonic crystal. Parameters of the fiber are: PhC period, radii of its elements, refractive indices of the background and PhC elements.
wang.rar - 利用FDTD方法模拟普通光子晶体光纤中模场变化的情况,为主程序,可以为学习FDTD模拟PCF的学习者提供一定参考和学习。
FDTD_TM_PC.rar - 时域有限差分法模拟二维光子晶体光纤中光的传播
BCC_workingDIelectric.rar - BCC photonic band gap structure