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Genetic-Algorithm.rar - Genetic Algorithm code, Standard Program written by Matlab , easy to apply for any function with (n) variable .
DTC-simple.rar - command par dtc (direct torq control ) de la machine asynchrone
command-victoriel_indirect-induction-motor.rar - commande victoriel indirect de la machyne asynchrone programme par matlabe
command-victoriel-_direct-induction-motor.rar - commande vectoriel directe la machine asynchrone programme sure matlabe
Program_thermometer_C_PIC.rar - this is program C and source code ( Hex ) of Thermometer , MikroC Compilator
INDIRECT-ADAPTIVE.rar - Abstract-This paper proposes an adaptive robust fuzzy controller for the tracking problem of a class of uncertain nonlinear MIMO systems. The control signal is comprised of two parts. One part is an adaptive fuzzy controller which approximates the system unknown functions using an interval type-2 fuzzy approximator. The other part is an H∞ based controller that is applied to attenuate the effect of disturbance and approximation error. Moreover, it is assumed that only output variables are measurable. Therefore, a state observer is carried out to estimate the system states. To illustrate the effectiveness and resilience behavior of the proposed controller, simulation results for a two DOF robotic manipulator are presented.
FT2.rar - Type-2 Fuzzy System Toolbox , with Simulink Block and 3 kind of Membership functions ( Gaussian , Triangle ..)
Moufid_projet_MCDI.rar - Program that produce Model Geometric and Model Kinematic ( compute Matrix of Jacobian , Inverse of jacobian ) of Any serial Robot ( with library that allow you to select or to build your Robot )
RobotmobileKalmanMoufid.rar - Control and Localization of Robot Mobile Using EKF KALMAN FILTER ( Student : Moufid Bouhentala )
rapport-Bouhentala.rar - code matlab for RBF regression - with datab base : Les mesures sont obtenues à partir d’un spectrophotomètre en proche infrarouge sur des échantillons de jus d’orange et la sortie représente la concentration du sucre dans le jus d orange.
PID_to_NN.rar - program for control of 2 DOF robot ( PID and NN )

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AG.rar - this is introduction genitic algorithm évolutionnair AG french documment
PID_OPT.rar - fiminunc、GA、PSO三种算法优化PID参数
PID-mcc-control-with-algorithme-genetic.rar - control of dc machine with PI and optimize performance of machine with algorithme genetic
genitic-algorithme-PID-MCC.rar - this is a god programme of control of induction machine with PID regulator and in same time optimize the parametre of PID with GA(genitic algorithme)
logic2010.rar - This article presents particle swarm optimization (PSO)-based optimal gain tuning of proportional integral (PI) speed controller in an induction motor (IM) drive (30 hp) with mine hoist load diagram
Implementation-Of-PID-Controller-Using-PSO.rar.ra - IMPLEMENTATION OF PID CONTROLLER USING PSO AND HARMONY SEARCH ALGORITHM FOR DC MOTOR SPEED CONTROL SYSTEM - 针对感应电机扩展卡尔曼滤波器转速估计中难以取得卡尔曼滤波器系统噪声矩阵和测量噪声矩阵最优值的问题,提出了一种基于改进粒子群算法优化的扩展卡尔曼滤波器转速估计方法。算法通过融合遗传算法和粒子群算法的优点,采用可调整的算法模型对粒子群算法进行改进,将改进的粒子群算法对扩展卡尔曼滤波器中的系统噪声矩阵和测量噪声矩阵进行优化处理,将优化后的卡尔曼滤波器应用于感应电机转速估计。
simulation-files.rar - this file contain 5 simulation file in matlab siftware 1- motor control with fuzzy 2-MPPT with fuzzy 3-lightning protection 4-Mass- Spring model simulation 5-Optimal power flow with PSO
ImplementationofMPPTTracking.rar - Implementation of MPPT Tracking Dc-Dc Converter Using PSO With Fuzzy for the Control of Inverter Fed Induction Motor
pid-tunning.rar - PID tunning for dc motor by PSO the parameter of DC motor are in an article with title of Optimal brushless DC motor design using genetic algorithms by A.Rahideh et al
fuzzy-tuning.rar - Fuzzy PID Controller Using Adaptive Weighted PSO for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives
PSO-55.rar - 基于出厂数据的电动机仿真模型参数计算方法 - PSO based algorithm for induction motor control
daul-line-pid-pso-dc-motor.rar - 用pso算法整定双线pid控制器,来控制直流电机
dc-motor.rar - 提出一种改进的pso算法,整定pid控制器,来控制直流电机
CTRL-225.rar - The aim of this research is to design a PID Controller using PSO algorithm. The model of a DC motor is used as a plant in this paper
PSOpaper.rar - PSO 演算法對於機器學習相關的paper - 基于模糊神经白适应的感应电动机直接转矩控制研究,希望对大家有用。 - dc motor control using pso
Onduleur_mono_3niveaux.rar - inverter : onduleur 3 nivoeu onduleur monophase three order