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A4313105115.rar - Downlink Resource Allocation Scheme for OFDMA System
0005610.rar - Cooperative Communication Technologies for LTE-Advanced
1202.0212.rar - On Backhauling of Relay Enhanced Networks in LTE-Advanced
1105.1504.rar - A Self-Organized Resource Allocation using Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (ICIC) in Relay-Assisted Cellular Networks
64.rar - An Effective Resource Allocation Scheme in Relay Enhanced LTE-A - Cooperative Decentralized Resource Allocation in Heterogeneous Wireless Access Medium
02_whole.rar - Multi-Carrier Cooperative Wireless Communication
pxc3900945.rar - Overview of Relay Selection and Dynamic Resource Allocation for Cooperative Wireless Network
B2432123213.rar - Cooperative Relay Based Resource Allocation for OFDMA Network
6f11bb691884a3ec016a023b42795b93.rar - Downlink System Capacity of a Cellular Network with Cooperative Mobile Relay
Solution-Manual-for-Data-Communications-and-Netwo - this file describe a solution manual for data communication
New-Text-Document.rar - code for mobile cell search and synchronization
77401592LTE.rar - lte system simulation
34778717PDCCH.rar - this file contains a breif description of long term evolution system
matlabch02.rar - this file describes a brief overview of matlab programming - this files contains a presentation about gsm - this file describes the simulation of gsm blocks
papers.rar - gsm and communications papers
matlap.rar - hsdpa ,gsm ,aligent mxa and Constellation Mapper and Demapper for WiMAX
matlap.rar - Low-power embedded vector DSP and other
m5-3G-HSDPA-circuits-diagram.rar - Freescale HSDPA Solutions Freescale
m4-vhdl-code-for-ARQ.rar - Accelerating WiMAX System Design with FPGAs
matlap.rar - 3GPP LTE Turbo Decoder v2.0
matlap.rar - Benefits of FPGAs in Wireless Base Station Baseband Processing Applications

Download log: - Coordinated multipoint, massive MIMO, multicell, pilot contamination, spectral efficiency, user scheduling
CoMP_JP_CB.rar - 在理想情况下和干扰存在情况下,JP和CBF性能对比 - 模拟COMP中的JP和CB两种传输模式,预编码方式为SLNR - coordinated multipoint
source3DMIMO.rar - 3G系统及仿真平台,包括3D MIMO,资源调度,协作多点传输,接收调制解调等 - 有关多点传输,以及在LET-A中接收端的研究,值得一看哦,
main_h.rar - 协作多点传输(CoMP)技术中联合处理(Joint Processing, CoMP-JP)和协同波束赋形(Coordinated Beamforming, CoMP-CB)两方案中的迫零(Zero-forcing)预编码的基本原理和实现,并进行了仿真分析。此为异构网
main.rar - 协作多点传输(CoMP)技术中联合处理(Joint Processing, CoMP-JP)和协同波束赋形(Coordinated Beamforming, CoMP-CB)两方案中的迫零(Zero-forcing)预编码的基本原理和实现,并进行了仿真分析
The-NACA-airfoil-series.rar - NACA Airfoil 4 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series,...
PanelCode.rar - The source code for the program is offered under the GNU General Public License. Please feel free to download the code, read it, modify it, compile it and run it locally.
airfoil_generator.rar - Generates NACA 4 or 5 Digit Airfoil
naca4gen.rar - NACA 4位数 翼型数据的生成 Matlab程序 - Ieee paper format in latex - Matlab code for Massive mimo simulation with MMSE channele estimation and Approximate message passing: a comparison
functionEnergyEfficiency.rar - this code is related to Energy efficiency in massive mimo system - Massive MIMO with 1-bit ADC
Massive-MIMO.rar - massive MIMO matlab code - Computational Electromagnetics for RF and Microwave Engineering一书对应的代码例程 - 基于相位调制器产生六倍频光毫米波的 OFDM信号光传输系统研究 - 无线通信中射频功率放大器资料:射频功放数字预失真线性化技术研究 射频功率放大器线性化技术研究