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A4313105115.rar - Downlink Resource Allocation Scheme for OFDMA System
0005610.rar - Cooperative Communication Technologies for LTE-Advanced
1202.0212.rar - On Backhauling of Relay Enhanced Networks in LTE-Advanced
1105.1504.rar - A Self-Organized Resource Allocation using Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (ICIC) in Relay-Assisted Cellular Networks
64.rar - An Effective Resource Allocation Scheme in Relay Enhanced LTE-A - Cooperative Decentralized Resource Allocation in Heterogeneous Wireless Access Medium
02_whole.rar - Multi-Carrier Cooperative Wireless Communication
pxc3900945.rar - Overview of Relay Selection and Dynamic Resource Allocation for Cooperative Wireless Network
B2432123213.rar - Cooperative Relay Based Resource Allocation for OFDMA Network
6f11bb691884a3ec016a023b42795b93.rar - Downlink System Capacity of a Cellular Network with Cooperative Mobile Relay
Solution-Manual-for-Data-Communications-and-Netwo - this file describe a solution manual for data communication
New-Text-Document.rar - code for mobile cell search and synchronization
77401592LTE.rar - lte system simulation
34778717PDCCH.rar - this file contains a breif description of long term evolution system
matlabch02.rar - this file describes a brief overview of matlab programming - this files contains a presentation about gsm - this file describes the simulation of gsm blocks
papers.rar - gsm and communications papers
matlap.rar - hsdpa ,gsm ,aligent mxa and Constellation Mapper and Demapper for WiMAX
matlap.rar - Low-power embedded vector DSP and other
m5-3G-HSDPA-circuits-diagram.rar - Freescale HSDPA Solutions Freescale
m4-vhdl-code-for-ARQ.rar - Accelerating WiMAX System Design with FPGAs
matlap.rar - 3GPP LTE Turbo Decoder v2.0
matlap.rar - Benefits of FPGAs in Wireless Base Station Baseband Processing Applications

Download log: - final simulator of LTE matlab
LTE_System_Level_1.4_r570.rar - 维也纳 LTE仿真 这个文件包含文件on how to use the长期演进(LTE)的链路级模拟器[ 1 ] from the维也纳LTE模拟器续as well as some insight on its结构假设that were made while and the developing它。这文件涉及more on how to actually use the模拟器。The Concept and the structure of the模拟器is described in more in detail [ 2 ]。
LTE.rar - LTE system matlab code - lte链路仿真代码,维也纳大学,不适合初学者
lte-simulation-systemode.rar - lte基带仿真系统turbo码的研究和仿真 - LTE system matlab code - These are about channel borrowing and call admission control scheme in wireless network.
MATLAB神经网络43个案例分析 - 本书论述在MATLAB环境下如何实现神经网络,包括了常用的神经网络及相关理论,如BP神经 网络、RBF神经网络、SVM、SOM神经网络、灰色神经网络、决策树、随机森林、小波神经网络、NARX神经网络等以及各种优化算法与神经网络的结合。
2chang1.rar - mang da chang co nhuoc diem ve bao mat, quan ly phuc tap, thu thach cac dich vu AAA
hsupa1.rar - Impementation code for CAC for NGMN ========================= This code simulates the operation of a wireless cellular system
[EBook] - using matlab, wavelet analysis
facedetection.rar - HMMM face recognition. a good clue for forward HMM implementation for those eager to understand underlying algorithms. enjoy!!!! - face recognition algorithms
816875201matlab-renlianshibie.rar - face recognition uisng somme prsribed algorithms
MPCASourceCode.rar - The matlab codes provided here implement two algorithms multilinear principal component analysis to run the face recognition using FERET database. - Face recognition with SVM
LTE_channel_model.rar - LTE channel model matlab source code
LTE_channel_estimator.rar - LTE channele stimator source code with matlab - 包含飞行器飞行中的姿态控制,如侧滑角,倾斜角,滚转角,俯仰角,这是第二能量熵的matlab代码,数据模型归一化,模态振动。 - 飞机多能源混合动力能量管理Simulink仿真模块建模