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Upload log: - IMbotMod_V4.1 prvivado source code in c+
Builder Njrat 7d (SRC) By Ahmed Ibrahim.rar - Builder Njrat 7d (SRC) By Ahmed Ibrahim
Secret Service 201.2 (SRC).rar - Secret Service 201.2 (SRC) code source in delphi
539 IRC Bot (Five-Three-Nine) (SRC).rar - 539 IRC Bot (Five-Three-Nine) (SRC)
Athena IRC v2.4.0.rar - Athena IRC v2.4.0 is a irc bot

Download log: - 这是SDbot0.5b的源码,研究僵尸网络的可以下载看一看 - Source code of rxBot botnet
Botnet-server-code-3.rar - 网络僵尸3服务端代码,由不知名黑客提供,可用于免杀学习 - zeus botnet,2009年被赛门铁克列为当年的僵尸网络之王,该代码于2011年5月在hackernew网站上公布,可在vc2010环境下编译通过
JRBOT_Modded_By__bloody_.rar - BOTNET with opensource c++
Gellbot_3.rar - second BOTNET . - Explains how to create a Windows Service and start it automatically - Simple Windows Services Describe Windows Service under Visual Studio Introduction As a matter of fact Microsoft Windows services, formerly known as NT services enable you to create long-running executable applications that run in its own Windows session, which then has the ability to start automatically when the computer boots and also can be manually paused, stopped or even restarted. This makes services ideal for use on a server or whenever you need long-running functionality that does not interfere with other users who are working on the same computer. You can also run services in the security context of a specific user account that is different from the logged-on user or the default computer account. Windows services don抰 have any interface to the user, so it can not be debugged like any regular application, but it抯 debugged as a process. .NET has a very nice tool that enables processes debugging while it抯 in the run status, by easily pressing Ctrl + Alt + P shortcut. - this is the 3vbot source coded win32 only irc bot
nzm-clean.rar - nzm irc bot with many features dl&exe etc.
reptile.03.PNP.ASN.NETAPI.rar - modded reptile bot in C++ tested to compile only
hellbot10-06-05.rar - hell bot a one good BOTNET
ri0tv5-Bot.rar - (c++) powerfull rat, ready for use with visual c++, edit at your needs
imbot_V5.3.rar - IMBot v5.3 Windows based IRC Bot with some spreaders Educational use only !!!
Ganja-v1.1.2.rar - Ganja IRC Bot with various Spreaders included (Educational only!!!)
VaNaDiuM-IrcBot.rar - Windows IRC based Bot written in C++
TsGh-Bot-v1-Beta.rar - IRC病毒,会自动感染怎么看着是自动入侵系统呢TsGh Bot v1 Beta
agobot3-priv4.rar - 大名鼎鼎Agobot源码,研究bot的首选源码
Firesale.Botnet.v.3.0.Source.rar - bot source compilation
Ganja-v1.1.0.rar - Ganja v1.1.0 IRC bot