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Upload log: - VANET research for the proposal
PREPROCESSING.rar - Preprocessing of the codes
REVIEW_PAPERS_16.01.2018.rar - Security application working in wireless media
AES_ENGINE.rar - Good Codes for working AES
codes_name.rar - Good Codes for Working - design and Implementation process of the Multi Scale Fourier Transforms
researcharticleandthesis-(1).zip - Design and Implementation of research parameters - GPS codings for the design
S.K.P.rar - IMportant file for power sharing using matlab
final.rar - Friendly Logics for the Program
motorwifi.rar - gsm location finder for the gsm modem accurately by AT commands..
Modular-Multi-Level-Converter.rar - modular multilevel converter
Codes_Verilog.rar - The design paarmeters for verilog codes
SHAH1.rar - ACO files for the verilog desciption
ACO-OFDM.rar - ACO-OFDM sdakldjas seuekdsjakdnskd
GABasedRouting.rar - Codes are for the Embedded Programs and designs for the logics
26879085sttc4.rar - Package is for developing the g Encoding techniques and developed in the MATLAB
ppt.rar - ARm with MMC INterfacing programs -Hardware using LINUX OPerating systems
linuxutils.rar - ARm with MMC INterfacing programs -Hardware using LINUX OPerating systems
schematics.rar - ARm with MMC INterfacing programs -Hardware
pics.rar - ARm with MMC INterfacing programs
manual.rar - ARm with MMC INterfacing
UART0.rar - UART Interfacing for LPC2148
ADC.rar - ADC Interfacing for LPC2148 board
LPC2148_UserManual.rar - User manual for LPC2148 board
GLCD-GDM128x64H.rar - CODES for GLCD interfacing with ARM - MATLAB codes for blind forgery systems - Embedded Coding for the fire fighting mechanisms
gsm-eb-meter.rar - GSM coding for the measuring the electricity bill

Download log:
Localization.rar - 各种无线定位算法的源代码 包括DV-Hop 算法 RSSI算法的,APIT等算法的代码,各种代码的仿真结果图。
Underwater--channel-simulation-.rar - 水声信道仿真程序。用于水下声信道的仿真。 - 水下传感器网络的DV-Hop定位,matlab程序 - a matlab file to develop models for underwater acoustic communication networks - 基于dbr路由协议的水下无线传感器网络节点布置。
pe.rar - 卷积神经网络当中的卷积模块,包括有测试程序,用硬件实现5*150的整列卷积
wallace.rar - This is a code for wallace tree multiplier
Wallace_tree_Final.rar - 16bit wallace tree multiplier..VHDL source
nn_last.rar - Neural Network with FPGA and VHDL codes + Matlab model
verilog.rar - 自适应神经网络算法,用于障碍物检测,基于FPGA可综合实验
fpga_code.rar - 神经网络ELM的vhdl实例,该算法权值已在matlab上训练好,实际就充当一个硬件分类器
FSM_writing.rar - VHDL/Verilog FSM的优化写法
cla_src.rar - carry lookahead adder verilog program
ECG_ECG_data_matlab.rar - 医疗卫生心电信号ECG ECG data 数据,在matlab上的仿真
npcr-unci.rar - The number of changing pixel rate (NPCR) and the unified averaged changed intensity (UACI) are two most common quantities used to uate the strength of image encryption algorithms/ciphers with respect to differential attacks. Conventionally, a high NPCR/UACI score is usually interpreted as a high resistance to differential attacks. However, it is not clear how high NPCR/UACI is such that the image cipher indeed has a high security level. In this paper, we approach this problem by establishing a mathematical model for ideally encrypted images and then derive expectations and variances of NPCR and UACI under this model. Further, these theoretical values are used to form statistical hypothesis NPCR and UACI tests. - The firefly algorithm (FA) is a metaheuristic algorithm, inspired by the flashing behaviour of fireflies. The primary purpose for a firefly s flash is to act as a signal system to attract other fireflies. Xin-She Yang formulated this firefly algorithm by assuming:[1] All fireflies are unisexual, so that one firefly will be attracted to all other fireflies Attractiveness is proportional to their brightness, and for any two fireflies, the less bright one will be attracted by (and thus move to) the brighter one however, the brightness can decrease as their distance increases If there are no fireflies brighter than a given firefly, it will move randomly. The brightness should be associated with the objective function. Firefly algorithm is a nature-inspired metaheuristic optimization algorithm.
SVM-Regress.rar - 基于SVM(支持向量机)的回归算法,很好用 - svm for classfifcation - 使用支持向量机进行数据的分类预测,所需样本数据较少,且预测精度高,分类效果较好。
SVM-KM.rar - svm toolbox for matlab