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ac701-bist-pdf-xtp194-20124-c.zip - AC701 Build-In Self Test Flash Application
ug967-ac701-eval-kit-getting-started.zip - AC701 Evaluation Kit Getting Started Guide
ug964-ac701-trd-ug.zip - AC701 Base Targeted Reference Design User Guide
AC701 User Guide.zip - AC701 Evaluation Board User Guide
Artix-7 DC and AC Switching Characteristics.zip - Artix-7 DC and AC Switching Characteristics Document

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火炬2005源码.rar - 火炬有没有源码呢?世面上泄漏的火炬源码都是菲律宾的SQL版的,和使用DBC2000的转生M2有本质的区别。 我给大家共享的这款火炬源码是收藏了很久的使用DBC2000的完整火炬源码,适用delphi2007
espjbs.zip - 本paper较基础,是对于sr理论最简单的理解,用最直观的领域插值的方法解决的,新手可以
rdf0225-ac701-pcie-c-2015-1.zip - 实现AC701PCIE测试功能,其中能实现读写功能,及VIVADO逻辑仿真功能
手机触屏上下滚动效果.rar - 机触摸屏手机上下滑动的效果,在电脑上也可以实现,只要用滚轮上下滚动即可
A-compact-AES-core-with-on-line-error-detection-f - This paper presents a compact, low-cost, on-line error-detection architecture for a 32-bit hardware implementation of the AES. The implemented AES is specially designed for FPGA-based embedded applications, since it is tuned to specific FPGA logic resources. The on-line error-detection is based on parity codes. The parity prediction is implemented in the AES encryption, decryption, and key expansion process. The developed solution has been upgraded to an efficient BIST with a high fault coverage and a low hardware overhead.
ac701-base-trd-rdf0276.zip - XILINX官方文档,用于PCIE,DDR3在LINUX下功能检测