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NOC.rar - A Low-Latency and Low-Power Hybrid Scheme for On-Chip Networks
User Manual.rar - 8051 WIN51 ESA BOARD USER MANUAL
Win51 User Manual.rar - 8051 WIN51 ESA BOARD USER MANUAL
FuzzyColor.rar - Implementation of Fuzzy Color Extractor on NI myRIO Embedded Device
code.rar - Due to its high modularity and carry-free addition, a redundant binary (RB) representation can be used when designing high performance multipliers. The conventional RB multiplier requires an additional RB partial product (RBPP) row, because an error-correcting word (ECW) is generated by both the radix-4 Modified Booth encoding (MBE) and the RB encoding. This incurs in an additional RBPP accumulation stage for the MBE multiplier. In this paper, a new RB modified partial product generator (RBMPPG) is proposed; it removes the extra ECW and hence, it saves one RBPP accumulation stage.
SAIFI-VLSI-114.rar - Low-Power Programmable PRPG With Test Compression Capabilities
aes_ashok128.rar - aes128 bit encryption
triple_des_vhdl_ashok.rar - triple des algorithm

Download log: - 简单的svm高光谱图像分类用于分类高光谱图像 - Spectral Python (SPy) is a python package for reading, viewing, manipulating, and classifying hyperspectral image (HSI) data. SPy includes functions for clustering, dimensionality reduction, supervised classification, and more. - 华为的5G非正交多址(NOMA)方案SCMA的仿真 - 非正交多址接入(NOMA)和正交频分多址接入(OFDMA)的性能对比
微机原理 8086 交通灯 proteus仿真.rar - 8086交通灯,用8255控制动态显示数码管来作为红绿灯的秒数,用8253作为计数器
16Point-radix4-FFT.rar - 本文提出一個根值4 蝴蝶元素使用(m, n) - 櫃臺減少硬體複雜, 延遲時間, 和電力消費被介入在使用常規加法器。並且一臺修改過的換向器為FFT 算法被描述與用管道運輸的實施一起為連續輸入資料減少資料記憶要求。 - matlab实现最大似然法的遥感图像分类,数据以excel形式给出 - HySure fusion based hyperspectral image super-resolution algorithm. - svm高光谱图像分类3D-CNN Hyperspectral Image Classification
BPnetwork.rar - matlab平台的基于bp神经网络的遥感图像分类
QSD.rar - QSD 4x4 multiplier verilog code
完整的OFDM仿真程序,包括QPSK,16QAM调制.zip - 这是一个完整的OFDM系统建模,包括主程序OFDM 调制模块,解调模块,调制解调模块中包括BPSK,QPSK,16QAM,64QAM, 主程序包括循环前缀添加,加窗处理,频谱图、PAPR计算,误码率统计等功能。
Fabric-defect-detection-.rar - 基于Matlab的织物疵点检测和识别系统 - Fake Currency Detector (Indian Currency): This program can detect counterfeit currency of INR 100 and INR 500.
SR程序.rar - 遥感影像超分辨率重建算法包括凸集投影算法等
HandIdentifyRate.rar - BP神经网络手写体识别。BMP图像训练后,进行识别率的计算
demo code of SCE-M.rar - 用于光照不均匀的图像增强算法实现,包括相关函数的定义及调用,可直接运行。
8279.rar - 基于51单片机的,对8279芯片的proteus仿真实验
divider.rar - 四位无符号二进制除法器的设计,这是整个的工程文档,应该对大家有用
PCI1604.rar - NI-IMAQ for USB Cameras driver software allows users to configure any DirectShow imaging device and acquire images into LabVIEW. Devices that support this feature include USB cameras, webcams, microscopes, scanners, and many consumer-grade imaging products. Students and academic professionals can use this software with the NI Vision Development Module (included in the LabVIEW Student Edition) to analyze images with the aid of functions for image processing, including filters, binary morphology, pattern matching, and color inspection. The NI Vision Development Module also includes Vision Assistant for prototyping different functions, benchmarking inspections, and automatically generating code.