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speed.zip - permanante magnetic machine
variable.zip - physics car simulation
diode.zip - electronics system production
car.zip - car model simulation
sp_fw_full_converter.zip - converter control pwm simuling
dc_series_motor.zip - motor dc control whith matlab
Two_line_Element.zip - matlab filter elements
comparison_HB_full_bridge_1ph_inverter.zip - inverter power electrinic
stepupcycloconverter300.zip - Fuel Supply System control
SimpleTracker.zip - robot control for matlab
Two_Tank_System.zip - system hybrid sources control
Fourier_function.zip - good fille for filter fourie function
Detailed_PMSG_one_machine.zip - pmsg grid connected control
presentation.zip - inverter 400 voltage good
Full_bridge_DC_DC_BIPOLAR.zip - full brididge dc dc converter
AnalyticalInsightsWebinar.zip - good file inverter with matlab
twos2decimal.zip - real time control with matlab
RealTimeSlower.zip - real time control matlab
Formation_Matlab.zip - formation of matlab and simulind good
Inductionmotor_modeling.zip - induction motor control and modeling
three_motor.zip - grid connected power system
Three_phase_inverter.zip - power electronics inverter control
space_vector_2_level_fast.zip - inverter control pwm system
Full_wave_bridge_rectifier.zip - rectifier power electronics system
samhalfcontrolledalpha30.zip - power electronics inverter control
electronconfiguration.zip - machine electrotechnic control
fig2img.zip - fig image fig tracker in put
ANN_RBF_LMS.zip - fuel supply systeme control grid
genetic_algorithm.zip - fuzzy motor matlab control energy
NFA.zip - fuzzy control motor mpptspeed
Peak_Valley.zip - wind solar mppt inverter boost converter
ModeloBinary.zip - pmsg wind inverter and boost converter

Download log:
dSPACE-implementation-of-Fuzzy-Logic.zip - dSPACE implementation of Fuzzy Logic based Vector Control of Induction Motor
WirelessVectorControlofInductionMotor.rar - REAL TIME MODELING BY USING DSPACE
pll2nd.rar - A typical example of using the dSPACE system for electrical drives simulations is described in [9] and for wind energy conversion systems (WECS) in [10]. However, before the real-time implementation, the Control part has to be validated by simulation using a plant model. This model could be developed using either the Simulink transfer functions or the PLECS toolbox.
code.rar - matlab code for matrix multiplication
132154.rar - fast matrix multiplication
matrixmultiplication.for.zip - 用fortran程序实现两个矩阵相乘,短小精悍
Matrix-multiplication-.zip - 矩阵乘法,分治法,可以直接使用,程序简单
source.rar - 矩阵相乘 输入:两个N*N阶矩阵相乘 输出:结果矩阵
Matrix-multiplication.rar - 矩阵乘法计算,实现矩阵的乘法运算程序。简单而实用。
Parallel-Matrix-Multiplication-Algorithms-on-Hype - Parallel Matrix Multiplication Algorithms on Hypercube Multiprocessors. three parallel algorithms for matrix multiplication
Matrix.rar - 计算矩阵的转置,计算矩阵的乘法, 计算矩阵的数乘
Matrix-multiplication-using-MPI.rar - 基于C语言的,在大型并行机上使用MPI实现矩阵乘法
MulMatrix.rar - 两种方法实现矩阵乘法,一种是strassen矩阵乘法,一种是普通乘法。。。
Matrix_multiplication_algorithm.rar - 矩阵连乘优化算法,提高矩阵连乘运算速度。