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sipXcallLib.rar - sipXtapi is a comprehensive client library and software development kit (SDK) for SIP-based user agents. It includes SIP signalling support as well as a media framework. A complete and very feature rich softphone can be built easily by adding a graphical user interface on top of sipXtapi. Alternatively, sipXtapi was engineered to be embedded into existing applications adding real-time communications to such applications.
sipXportLib.rar - sipXportLib is a library of general purpose utilities and OS abstraction APIs. Being a library, it, itself has no end user application however this project also contains end user utilities related to this library s functionality.
sipXtackLib.rar - sipXtackLib itself is a library with end user application however the following tools either use this library or are related to SIP stack information processing.
libeXosip2-2.2.2.tar.gz - The GNU exoSIP library is an implementation of SIP - rfc3261.
ortp-0.8.1.tar.gz - oRTP is a LGPL licensed C library implementing the RTP protocol (rfc1889). It is available for most unix clones (primilarly Linux and HP-UX), and Microsoft Windows.

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