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eb1 - blk tool kit discreption
winhex (1).zip - tool for hex file conversion - Hexit tool for hex file opening - tool for converting hex
pss7_v1.5.1_password_1.rar - Pass for plc mitsubishi
Unlocks7200and300.rar - S7 pass unlock plc. plc pass

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Password-Find-PLC-Siemens-S7(KeyS7_v314).zip - This program find a PASSWORD in the CPU Simatic Siemens S7-200, 300 e 400. The same can use the direct communication like: PC Adapter(COM), PC Adapter(USB), CP5512(PCMCIA),CP5611 (PCI) , TCP/IP Ethernet Board normal(Auto). Tested in Windows XP !!!
pss7_v1.5.1.rar - PLC/IHM西门子破解密码方案(LOGO!),SIMATIC=S7-200/300/400,Tia门户S7-1200/1500,WinCC C-Script,WinCC VB脚本)。PROFACE(GP Pro-Project PANEL)Delta(WPLSOFT项目(EPAS-4项目))。Schneider(ToudoSub项目)。
UN-PASSWORD-SIEMENS-S7_-(pss7_v1.83).zip - Program for Crack Password Project of PLC/IHM Siemens(LOGO! , Simatic= S7-200/300/400, Tia Portal S7-1200/1500 , Wincc C-Script, Wincc VB-Script). Pro-face(GP-Pro EX Project Painel).Delta (WPLSoft Project (EPAS-4 Project). Schneider (Twido Suite Project).