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DigitalToggle.zip - arduino code optional
LuaLoader.zip - Motor control library for arduino
ChatNetwork.zip - Network chat using c#
46893-1236177-packet-sniffer-socket-raw.zip - Dll for TCP connection
Maze_Time_227271382015.zip - Maze Time Attack is a maze game where you have limit time to collect all the Foods and Escape the Maze_With moving ball flying about The map. If you are hit by a flying ball the game is over and you have to Restart at the beginning of the maze _ hope u like it _have fun friends.
Kids_Ladyb2273333172015.zip - Fixed _ I found that game at net_Ladybird Spots includes counting, matching and ordering numbers games aimed at children who are learning to Count and Recognize the numbers up to 10_ U Must have Direct Text To Speech _Have fun friends.
Tower_Defe227414432015.zip - Simple Game _ Destroy the 50 Balls as u can before reaching end road_ extra live if u Destroy Pc Shotter _ have fun friends
Prime_Numb227424432015.zip - Prime Number Finder ,One of the most fascinating inventions made by man is the computer. We use computers in our day to day activities such as in business, education, research, military applications, communications as well as entertainment.
USB_AVR_ISP.rar - Microcontroller avr downloader
ColorFeatures.rar - Color feature using matlab
inpaint.rar - image processing using matlab
freecsstemplates_039.zip - html nice template including menu
ebook---engineering---mechatronics.rar - Mechatronica ebook electronic and mechanic
apple_web.zip - php html template nice and good
DB_Mgr.zip - database migrate system
ajax-paging-v2.zip - paging web page with ajax
razor-sharp-file-share-a9a195d.zip - java peer 2 peer file transfer
Networking22134810242011.zip - java network chat and file sharing
Java_LAN_C2189711022010.zip - network file sharing with java

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3DPlane.rar - 用matlab实现飞机的模拟飞行并有简单的控制操作
uavsimul.zip - 开发无人飞行器采用的simulink仿真程序,能够实现姿态控制和避障
Chap10.rar - matlab2014a 固定翼仿真实验,完成了无人机的自稳功能。
Tracking.rar - 固定翼无人机跟踪地面目标,速度范围25-50,离散式计算
animation1.zip - 通过matlab及simulink固定翼无人机3d模型建立
multiple_object_tracking_matlabcode(3D).zip - 无人机飞行航迹规划和路径规划,实时局部修改功能
5.rar - modelado y control de un drone quadrotoor, ecuaciones dinamicas y codigo fuente en matlab y simulink
Algoritmos.rar - Train and test a GMM model and a SVM model in matlab
模拟接收.zip - arduino作为下位机接受nrf24信号的源码
svm--matlab.rar - matlab智能算法30个案例分析源码之--支持向量机的分类--基于乳腺组织电抗阻性的乳腺癌诊断 包括原始数据和SVM分类代码 是学习支持向量机的好的案例
Source-program.zip - 本源程序用于基于线性矩阵不等式的单级倒立摆T-S模糊控制,供学习研究
自适应鲁棒.rar - 自适应鲁棒控制,提供matlab代码及simulink图
LMI.rar - LMI_Training for Linear Matrix Inequality
H00.zip - 一级倒立摆的鲁棒控制matlab仿真,利用LMI解出的控制器K的值
feedback.rar - 线性切换系统基于观测器的状态反馈控制器设计,matlab仿真。
H_example.rar - 基于LMI算法的倒立摆状态反馈H∞控制器设计
Program_exercise3.rar - this file simulates robust control with LMI
Numical solution.zip - 求解Matlab中linear matrix inequalities的数值解
lmi1998fig3.m.rar - 文件夹里包含一篇已发表的结果。此论文是有关于模糊控制系统的稳定性研究。考虑初学者对于模糊作图的困惑。我们上传的代码可做参考。直接运行文件lmi1998fig3.m。可得文中Fig 3.
lateralcontrol.zip - 基于线性矩阵不等式的H无穷车辆横向控制matlab仿真