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BLDC ZSI fuzzy zeta.rar - BLDC motor speed and torque control using ZETA, Z-source converter, fuzzy logic
BLDC choppers.rar - BLDC motor speed and torque control using ZETA, cuk, Z-source choppers and comparison with buck-boost chopper
WIND-DFIG-PITCH-ANGLE-q-CONTROL.rar - DFIG wind system with pitch angle controland reactive power control
wind-pv-bess.rar - wind with permanent magnet synchronous generator with PV bess
wind-pv-bess.rar - wind with permanent magnet synchronous generator with pv bess
pv-battery.rar - PV cell with battery energy storage system, uninterruptabkle power supply
hvdc-wind.rar - IGBT HVDC wind with induction generator
pv.rar - photo voltaic cell design connected to grid
wind-seamless.rar - Wind induction generator with seamless power transfer, fuelcell, ultra capacitor
sub-synchronous-resonance.rar - Sub synchronous resonance for grid connected system with TCSC
pmsg-IGBT-RSC-GSC-chopper.rar - PMSG wind with fault ride through
indirectfuzzyaddednewimadded.zip - in-direct torque control of induction motor using fuzzy logic. output torque is having less ripples and spees is constant, even torque changes from full load postive to negative
DSTATCOM.rar - There are two cases in this file, one with rfault and other with sudden load addition. DSTATCOM has compensated voltage sag in both cases
3leveland5levelstatcomforfaultvoltagecompensation - 3 and 5 level statcom for voltage improvement, disturbance is due to symmetrical fault of 0.01 ohms. The voltage was compensated completely
dvr_source-load-fasult.rar - DYNAMIC VOLTAGE RESTORER (DVR) with fault on source side and load side
dvr-dstatcom.rar - MATLAB based DSTATCOM and DVR. Works well for sags and swell mitigation. Did using MATLAB2009A
DP_input_data.rar - matlab unit commitment

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shunt_act.rar - shunt active filter for harmonic elimination.
safharmonicAPF.zip - shunt active filter
BCFCM.rar - 基于偏置场矫正的模糊C均值聚类算法的实现 经调试,可以运行
FLICM.zip - 局部模糊c均值聚类算法的matlab代码
MRI-brain-segmentation-using-FCM.zip - FCM是一种实用的算法,在医学图像分割中被广泛应用,有很多的改进措施,本程序是基于FCM来分割MRI人脑图像
fuzzycmeans.rar - Magnetic resonance (MR) images can be used to detect lesions in the brains of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and is essential for diagnosing the disease and monitoring its progression. An automatic method is presented for segmentation of MS lesions in multispectral MR images. Firstly a PD-w image is subtracted its corresponding T1-w image to get an image in which the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) is enhanced. Then based on kernel fuzzy c-means (KFCM) algorithm, the enhanced image and the corresponding T2-w image are segmented respectively to extract the CSF region and the CSF combining MS lesions region. A raw MS lesions image is obtained by subtracting the CSF region CSF combining MS region. By applying median filter and thresholding to the raw image, the MS lesions are detected finally. Results are quantitatively uated on BrainWeb images using Dice similarity coefficient (DSC). Finally, the potential of the method as well as its limitations are discussed.
PCA_classifier.rar - A basic PCA classifier is provided here for a two class classification problem. An example is given, with some multimodal MRI scans from Multiple Sclerosis patients, in which the brain lesions of two patients are annotated and in the third are detected by the PCA model.
som.rar - MRI Brain Tumour Classification - SOM ( Self Organized Map)
Tomour.rar - Tomour image processing
模式识别代码.rar - 基于matlab的Iris、乳腺癌数据集的模式识别分类算法,含有 遗传算法+SVM、isodata、感知器算法、LMSE、神经网络等算法的实现代码,用于聚类效果良好,是模式识别大作业的参考资料
main.zip - chapter28支持向量机的分类——基于乳腺组织电阻抗特性的乳腺癌诊断
Lung-Nodule-Detection-master.zip - Lung-Nodule-Detection-master
lung-cncer-GA-SVM.rar - lung cancer automatic detection based on genetic algorithm and support vector machine classifier
final_code_25_05_2017.rar - Melanoma is one of the deadly diseases among skin cancer. Melanoma detection can be done by dermatological screening and biopsy tests which are time consuming and expensive that requires experts from medical field. Due to cost of dermatologist to screen every patient, an automated system is needed for melanoma detection so that death rates can be minimized if detected early. It can be done using various image processing techniques. An important step in the automated system of melanoma detection is the segmentation process which locates the border of skin lesion in order to separate the lesion part from background skin for further feature extraction.
Simulation.rar - Computer-aided Melanoma skin cancer detection using Image Processing
15.rar - cancer tumor detection and growth prediction
lung cancer detection and classification.rar - This Code give the classification of lung cancer by detecting nodule or non nodule
cancer.zip - cancer detection with matlab
breast_cancer_detection_using_neural_networks.rar - deep learning breast cancer
fcn.berkeleyvision.org.zip - 图像识别、深度学习。 语言用的是python 2.x ,里面有训练好的模型,在文件夹里都有给出地址,可以直接去下载。也有一个很大的图片包,里面有很多图片,可以直接拿来作为素材用。也可以自己给图片制作数据标签,训练自己的模型。