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pitch control.zip - picth control and control the control for control
DFIG_Machine_Example.zip - pscad dfig thx pscad dfig simulation
model_turbinea.rar - model de la turbine et simulink
ch1.rar - chapter1 chapter1 chapter1
integrator.rar - matlab integrator simulink whith sin wave
PLL_open_loop.rar - pll phase locked loop matlab simulink thank
MOSFET.rar - simulink powersym of mosfet transistor behavior try to understand
integrator.rar - this is easy simulink to understand behavior of integrator math in matlab simulink
simulinkDiodes.rar - this is matlab simulink for three diodes bridg that give good simulation for understanding
dcmachine.rar - matlab smulation script of dc motors an behavior of this machines
dc01.rar - dc motor simulink an rectifier input ac to inveter and out is dc rectifier to dc motor
ex2_1.rar - bactiria growth model it for good knoledj of bacteria model in matlab simulink programation its easy and fast
3-ph-PWM-rectifier-with-PFC.rar - tree phase pmw rectifier whith pfc powersim simulation run in psim demos and plot result of this rectifier
A_3Diodes.rar - its diodes study for current load and behavior of diodes simulink this to learning fro matlab
AC3.rar - simulink matlab for induction motor for modelisation of the machenery good for study induction
Case1_SmallSystem.zip - house power simulation of elictrical in optimisation of quality energy power
NREL5MW_Baseline_06b_TMD.rar - wind turbine modeling an simulation with matlab rnun and show

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paper5.rar - Experimental demonstration of LayeredEnhanced ACO-OFDM in short haul optical fiber transmission link
Clipping-Noise-in-OFDM-Based.rar - In this paper, the impact of clipping noise on optical wireless communication (OWC) systems employing orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is investigated. The two existing optical OFDM (O-OFDM) transmission schemes, asymmetrically clipped optical OFDM (ACO-OFDM) and directcurrent- biased optical OFDM (DCO-OFDM), are studied. Time domain signal clipping generally results from direct current (DC) biasing and/or from physical limitations of the transmitter front-end.
my_ACO_OFDM.rar - 基于ACO-OFDM调制的可见光通信技术
glfb.rar - 可见光通信信道中,单点光源功率分布模型,功率分布趋势。
DWA.zip - sigma-delta DAC simulink model
DAC-model.zip - R-2R DAC matlab model
MIMO-OFDM.rar - MIMO-OFDM學習用書,使用MATLAB作為範例 (MIMO-OFDM.Wireless.Communications.with.MATLAB,.Yong.Soo.Cho,.Jaekwon.Kim,.Won.Young.Yang,.Chung.G..Kang,.Wiley,.2010)
OFDM.zip - ofdm调制~本源码是ofdm经过bpsk及qpsk和qam调制后画出误码率曲线及simulink模型
full_files.rar - qam ofdm using matlab code is wriitten
OFDM_64QAM_matlab.zip - Matlab simulation program for OFDM 64QAM modulation
ofdmsimulink.rar - 这是一个OFDM系统仿真代码,利用simulink仿真的
QPSK_OFDM_simulink.zip - 采用QPSK调制方式实现OFDM,在simulink上搭建的仿真模块,可以很好的学习OFDM,验证通过。
OFDM_4QAM.rar - 使用simulink建立的OFDM模型,OFDM with QPSK
test.rar - 有关OFDM的建模仿真 MATLAB模型图 星座图
OFDM-SIMULATION-in-MATLAB.rar - this pdf is matlab simulation for OFDM
107-Gbs-coherent-optical-OFDM-transmission.rar - 107 Gbs coherent optical OFDM transmission
Design-and-Simulation-of-OFDM-signaling.rar - describe Ofdm Signal and how to genrate
Simulink_OFDM.rar - 这是用simulink对正交频分复用OFDM技术仿真的研究
OFDM-Simulation-Using-Matlab.rar - OFDM Simulation Using Matlab