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RAPSim_095_runable.zip - rapsim simulink whith rapsim
Convert_PS.rar - converte simulink to simcape
pitch control.zip - picth control and control the control for control
DFIG_Machine_Example.zip - pscad dfig thx pscad dfig simulation
model_turbinea.rar - model de la turbine et simulink
ch1.rar - chapter1 chapter1 chapter1
integrator.rar - matlab integrator simulink whith sin wave
PLL_open_loop.rar - pll phase locked loop matlab simulink thank
MOSFET.rar - simulink powersym of mosfet transistor behavior try to understand
integrator.rar - this is easy simulink to understand behavior of integrator math in matlab simulink
simulinkDiodes.rar - this is matlab simulink for three diodes bridg that give good simulation for understanding
dcmachine.rar - matlab smulation script of dc motors an behavior of this machines
dc01.rar - dc motor simulink an rectifier input ac to inveter and out is dc rectifier to dc motor
ex2_1.rar - bactiria growth model it for good knoledj of bacteria model in matlab simulink programation its easy and fast
3-ph-PWM-rectifier-with-PFC.rar - tree phase pmw rectifier whith pfc powersim simulation run in psim demos and plot result of this rectifier
A_3Diodes.rar - its diodes study for current load and behavior of diodes simulink this to learning fro matlab
AC3.rar - simulink matlab for induction motor for modelisation of the machenery good for study induction
Case1_SmallSystem.zip - house power simulation of elictrical in optimisation of quality energy power
NREL5MW_Baseline_06b_TMD.rar - wind turbine modeling an simulation with matlab rnun and show

Download log:
Led_pil.rar - DM642 EVM PIL cosimulation example with LED and slider.
leddrive-model.zip - led model by state space equations
Wavelength_to_RGB.zip - 可将可见光波段的波长转换为RGB颜色的值
doublefedu_stator.zip - MATLAB编程双馈风机双闭环控制包括网侧机侧
svpwm_for_induction_motor.rar - SVPWM for Induction Motor
Fuzzy-Logic-Based-Washing-Machine.zip - Fuzzy Logic based washing machine implementation with slider control GUI
GravityDrainedWaterTank.zip - 模型预测控制的一个小例子~Gravity Drained Water Tank
MPC-CONTORL-OF-PMSM.zip - 基于simulink仿真环境下的永磁同步电机模型预测控制仿真
dtc3.rar - matlab simulink 仿真,异步电机的直接转矩控制,磁链为六边形磁链
fuzzy-for-rotor-side.rar - fuzzy for rotor side control of doubly fed induction geneartor
MPPT.zip - 基于变步长滞环比较法的MPPT算法研究,太阳能最大功率点跟踪
DFIG_DPC_wind_turbine.zip - Direct Power control of Doubly fed induction generator with/without MPPT strategy
DPC4.zip - direct power control techniq of doubly fed induction generator
fuzzyDTC.rar - 设计采用模糊控制的直接转矩控制,和传统PI调节器相比较
indirectfuzzyaddednewimadded.zip - in-direct torque control of induction motor using fuzzy logic. output torque is having less ripples and spees is constant, even torque changes from full load postive to negative
fuzzyDTC.rar - Direct torque control using fuzzy logic controller
Paper ID 21.rar - This paper presents the independent control of the powers applied to the doubly fed induction generator (DFIG). To control the power produces by the system. We start with the first section wich is a description of the studied system, and the models of the blades, multiplier, the shaft, and the DFIG. The second section is about the control of the generator based on PI-fuzzy regulation. This control is evaluated in an environment of simulation by using Matlab/Simulink.
fuzzy-mppt.rar - application of the fuzzy logic controller to control the MMPT
fuzzy-torque-control.rar - 模糊转矩控制 本例采用模糊转矩控制效果较好