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pitch control.zip - picth control and control the control for control
DFIG_Machine_Example.zip - pscad dfig thx pscad dfig simulation
model_turbinea.rar - model de la turbine et simulink
ch1.rar - chapter1 chapter1 chapter1
integrator.rar - matlab integrator simulink whith sin wave
PLL_open_loop.rar - pll phase locked loop matlab simulink thank
MOSFET.rar - simulink powersym of mosfet transistor behavior try to understand
integrator.rar - this is easy simulink to understand behavior of integrator math in matlab simulink
simulinkDiodes.rar - this is matlab simulink for three diodes bridg that give good simulation for understanding
dcmachine.rar - matlab smulation script of dc motors an behavior of this machines
dc01.rar - dc motor simulink an rectifier input ac to inveter and out is dc rectifier to dc motor
ex2_1.rar - bactiria growth model it for good knoledj of bacteria model in matlab simulink programation its easy and fast
3-ph-PWM-rectifier-with-PFC.rar - tree phase pmw rectifier whith pfc powersim simulation run in psim demos and plot result of this rectifier
A_3Diodes.rar - its diodes study for current load and behavior of diodes simulink this to learning fro matlab
AC3.rar - simulink matlab for induction motor for modelisation of the machenery good for study induction
Case1_SmallSystem.zip - house power simulation of elictrical in optimisation of quality energy power
NREL5MW_Baseline_06b_TMD.rar - wind turbine modeling an simulation with matlab rnun and show

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MADA.zip - Commande vectorielle d 1 MADA double alimentaion
VECTORIELLE_INDIRECTE_PI.zip - Controle vectorielle inderice avec regulateur PI
VCTCZ.rar - DFIG的传统矢量控制模型,用matlab2010写成
Cours_Commande_vectorielle.rar - la commande vectorielle a flux rotorique orienté pour mas
SIMULATION_AHMED.rar - some simulation of dtc coommand my name is belmhel ahmed my tel 0797611456
these_merzoug.rar - comparison entre dtc et foc
dtcmsap.zip - example of DTC ( direct torque control)
dtcfinal.rar - THis files is about DTC
Pitch_Angle_Control_for_Variable_Speed_Wind_turbi - Pitch Angle Control for Variable Speed Wind turbines
fangzhen_6.rar - 这个程序是一个风力机的三阶模型,采用桨距角控制,设计了转速的闭环控制系统
CpSystem.rar - 基于变桨距PID控制器的风力发电模型。仿真环境matlab->simulink。特点:随机风速模型;桨距恒功率控制;通俗易懂的PID控制器
DFIG_2MW.rar - 2兆瓦异步双馈风力发电系统的建模与仿真,包含个子模块。pitch信号自己添加。。
cp-vs-lamb..rar - this file to calculate the cp/lambda for different types of pitch angles. the selected wind speed range where the rated wind speed is 9 m/s and beta angle is zero the maximum value of beta is 45 but in the simulation it maximum value will not be more than 36 degree
coefdelapuissancetr.rar - The performance coefficient depends on both the pitch angle (β) and the tip speed ratio (λ). The tip speed ratio is calculated by using blade tip speed and wind speed upstream of the rotor. The relationship between performance coeffi cient (c_p), pitch angle (β) and tip speed ratio (λ) is established by the c_p- λ approximation (3) for different blade pitch angle.
variable-pitch-control-system.zip - variable pitch mppt control
pitch_control.rar - pitch control of double fed induction generator
fwdtopicnamelightfidelity.zip - communication technology using Li-Fi method
direct.rar - 室外可见光通信信道建模,直射链路和反射链路建模
simulink_ofdm.rar - ofdm simulink系统级仿真模型 详尽有说明是入手学习ofdm原理的好程序
OFDM_13.zip - ofdm技术,this simulink is about ofdm .属于无线通信类的仿真,基于MATLAB平台下