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FileServer.rar - I simulate the ftp server there are main server and branch servers the connection between main server and branches is rmi . client request file from server , if the main server found it , it will return else request it from branch server using rmi.
VideoStreaming.rar - video streaming (client / server) client request video from server then server send it frame by frame . client can play the video , pause , speed up and slow down the playing
BookStore.rar - library system with its analysis diagrams
Chat_ClientServer.rar - chat client server (private & public)
SecureChat.rar - Secure chat private chat & public chat secure using rsa & aes algorithms and using certificate

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rsa.zip - dna computing in crytography
dea.zip - 基本的DNA进化算法,使用MATLAB编程,能完成基本的DNA计算,改进后能够对参数进行寻优等功能
DNAComputing.rar - DNA计算最新的书籍,Springer出版社2011年出版,这本书非常贵,国内还没看到销售。我把它变成PDF版本,可能还有BUG。
dna.rar - 用MATLAB实现DNA遗传算法,有详尽注释,且已通过编译
Genetic-Algorithm(GA).rar - GA genetic algorithm (functions) matlab
GA_MATLAB.rar - 经典的遗传算法经典的遗传算法经典的遗传算法经典的遗传算法
matlab_genetic_algorithm.rar - matlab 遗传算法程序 matlab genetic algorithm
genetic_in_matlab.zip - 3d-fdtd算法的遗传基因算法matlab模拟 3d-fdtd算法的遗传基因算法matlab模拟