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sst3.rar - Matlab function that computes the total sum of squares matrix on given features
textDetector.zip - a source code in matlab that detect text contour in images
exercice.rar - this file can write in Visual C++ Hello for ex1. Ex2 can introduce a table and gives the mamimum number in Matrix and him position in this Matrix.

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cours_python-(2).zip - python cours and code source
X20AI2438-ENG_V1.27.zip - B&R X20AI2438 datasheet
X20AT2402-ENG.zip - B&R X20AT2402 datasheet
X20AO2622_ENG.zip - B&R X20AO2622 datasheet
X20AI8321-ENG.zip - B&R X20AI8321 datasheet
X20AI4622_ENG.zip - B&R X20AI4622 datasheet
X20AI1744-ENG_V4.00.zip - B&R X20AI1744 datasheet
B&R Embedded OS Installer Setup V3.22.zip - B&R Embedded OS Installer Setup V3.22
B&R Embedded OS Installer Setup V3.21.zip - B&R Embedded OS Installer Setup V3.21
B&R Key Editor V4.10.zip - B&R KEY EDITOR Software
B&R Touch Driver V1_4_2.zip - B&R touch Screen driver
BrTaskMan CE E V2_1.zip - B&R Official Task Manager
B&R Embedded OS Installer V3.10.ZIP - B&R Embedded OS Installer
Graph.zip - 应用程序可以通过DLL接口、OPC服务器、HTTP服务器、DDE服务器或者Active-X组件来对B&R Automation Net(tm)访问 B&R Automation Runtime- 控制器