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OpenSceneGraph.3.Cookbook.zip - 一份好的学习QT+OSG的资料,供大家学习,按照这里的步骤,可以完成基本的osg实现
m2s-som-2a.zip - softconsole实现smartfusion cortext-m3的开发代码
44544789STKfirst.rar - 用vc++调用stk的程序。如需下载的同学下载来看看

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PHD_CPHD_tracking.rar - 随机集跟踪算法的研究程序,包含PHD和CPHD两种算法的仿真过程
PHD_CPHD_CBMeMBer.zip - 基于随机集理论多目标跟踪算法matlab工具包,转自VoBN,真大牛大腿,还在犹豫什么。。
smc2-(1).zip - MHT多假设跟踪算法实现。MHT多假设跟踪算法实现。MHT多假设跟踪算法实现。
Radar_KalmanIMM6.rar - 交互多模算法,用于目标多机动假设运动情况下的蒙特卡罗法仿真跟踪滤波器。
IMMMHT.zip - 交互多假设跟踪(IMMMHT)的MATLAB程序
Matlab_JPDA.zip - 多目标跟踪JPDA算法实现,是学习JPDA算法的经典代码,建议下载下来看看。
JPDATrack.zip - 杂波环境下基于JPDA的二平台2变加速运动目标航迹关联与融合仿真程序
JPDAF.rar - 这个程序能实现在杂波环境下对多目标的跟踪。
multiple_object_tracking.rar - 用matlab仿真多目标跟踪中的航迹关联融合的程序,
pdaf.zip - 何友《雷达数据处理及应用》的数据关联算法(PDAF)源程序。
lab14_W5300.rar - 适用于dsp28377d的W5300程序
OpenSceneGraph-3-Cookbook.rar - Who this book is for This book is intended for software developers, researchers, and students who are already familiar with the basic concepts of OpenSceneGraph and can write simple programs with it. A basic knowledge of C++ programming is also expected. Some experience of using and integrating platform-independent APIs is also useful, but is not required. General real-time computer graphics knowledge would be sufficient. Some familiarity with 3D vectors, quaternion numbers, and matrix transformations is helpful. Conventions In this book, you will find a number of styles of text that distinguish between different kinds of information. Here are some examples of these styles, and an explanation of their meaning. Code words in text are shown as follows: “For Debian and Ubuntu users, make sure you have the root permission and type the command apt-get in the terminal as shown in the following command line.”
OSGEarthdm0828.rar - 一个完整的osgearth程序,飞机在空中飞行,并用线条标出飞机移动的轨迹,效果见1.jpg.osgearth需要事先完成安装配置等工作
Google-map-API-WebControl.rar - vc++ googlemap 空间源码!有点复杂,我没完全看懂.