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IEEE_15.zip - 15 ieee bus system simulink
PEM_ARMAX.rar - % Identification of ARMAX models through PEM
mras-induction-motor-control.rar - mras induction motor control
35.rar - induction motor control
L3.rar - induction motor control
russian-story.rar - russian-arab book easy
88.rar - induction genertator

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matlab.rar - 滑模自适应模糊控制平面二级倒立摆源代码 主要是平面二级倒立摆的仿真系统,基于Matlab的仿真
Filter-Active-Project.rar - simulation of Active filter base on Fuzzy Controller with nonlinear load.
Projet-Smart-grid1(REE).rar - Distributed generation of electricity currently has a very important development. Several renewable and free energy sources like the wind (windmills), solar (photovoltaic or thermal) are increasingly used to produce electricity locally on remote sites. Because of the fickleness of the wind and light, energy management is one of the major challenges in wind power systems from the grid, as well as PV-diesel systems. We present in this paper, the design and implementation of an electronic load control module and optimal management of production for hybrid energy systems while ensuring the efficient.
APF.zip - 有源滤波器使用在光伏中 可以改写到双馈式风力发电机中使用
youyuanlvbo.rar - 有源滤波仿真,通过仿真波形看出有源滤波特性
power_active_filter.rar - 三相有源滤波器模型,matlab环境下搭建,滤波效果良好,且在负荷变化时能够迅速跟踪谐波电流变化并进行补偿。
DISPATCH-OF-MICROGRID.zip - 微电网多目标调度,运用改进的多目标粒子群算法进行计算,里面包含经济等三个目标函数设置
Smart-Microgrid-PSO.rar - 智能微电网粒子群优化算法,微源:光伏、风机、发电机、储能等
network-reconfiguration.rar - 一种基于和声搜索算法的配电网重构算法,并在IEEE33节点上进行算例的验证。
Optimal-Reconfiguration-of-Distribution.rar - Power distribution systems have tie and sectionalizing switches whose states determine the configuration of the network. Reconfiguration of distribution network is achieved through switching operation on switches of distribution network branches. Power companies are interested in finding the most efficient configuration for minimization of real power losses and load balancing among distribution feeders to save the energy and enhance the operation performance of distribution system. The objective of this thesis is to show that the ant colony optimization algorithm can be used successfully in the reconfiguration of electrical distribution networks to minimize the power losses of the system and to balance the loading of the feeders. This work is to provide a basis for power companies to use it in the reconfiguration of the distribution networks to reduce the operational costs and to enhance the performance of their networks.
Scenario1-Matlab-Files.rar - Decentralized model predictive load-frequency control (MPC)
Fuzzy-tuned-PI-Controller-for-Load-Frequency-Cont - Decentralized Robust Load-frequency Control Synthesis in Restructured Power Systems
LFC.zip - This study presents an application of a fuzzy gain scheduled proportional and integral (FGPI) controller for load-frequency control of a two-area electrical interconnected power system. Model simulations of the power system show that the proposed FGPI controller is effective and suitable for damping out oscillations resulted load perturbations.
IEEE_33bus2.zip - IEEE 33-bus with pq loads in psat format using simulink
SVG.zip - SVG静止无功补偿的模型,运用瞬时无功电流控制方法进行补偿
zhihuanSVG.zip - SVG静止无功发生器的滞环控制模型 有一定的参考价值。是我初学SIMULINK的第一个,有很大的启发意义。模型很简单,跟大家共享吧。
conventional-simulink.rar - conventional simulink statcom
dstatcom.zip - A static synchronous compensator (STATCOM), also known as a "static synchronous condenser" ("STATCON"), is a regulating device used on alternating current electricity matlab simulink
fault-allocation-in-statcom.rar - Fault Detection and Mitigation in Multilevel Converter STATCOMs