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svm-by-Steve-Gunn.rar - This toolbox was designed as a teaching aid, which matlab is particularly good for since source code is relatively legible and simple to modify. However, it is still reasonably fast if used with the supplied optimiser. However, if you really want to speed things up you should consider compiling the matrix composition routine for H into a mex function. Then again if you really want to speed things up you probably shouldn t be using matlab anyway... Get hold of a dedicated C program once you understand the algorithm.
BNT.rar - The Bayes Net Toolbox for Matlab was written by Kevin Patrick Murphy et al. This version was last updated on 17 Oct 2007..
wine.rar - SVM的一个实例,对不同葡萄酒分类,有原始数据
KNN_Matlab.rar - K近邻分类的Matlab算法,简单,适合初学,验证可用
particle-Filter-Examples.rar - 5个粒子滤波必会实例,其中4个为网页版,有应用介绍

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