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2nd paper.rar - Considering the initial objectives of implementing and validating a baseband processor for FBMC transmission it can be said that these objectives were fulfilled as a functional version of a system of this kind was developed and studied, with its results being presented and compared to those of other implementations. In order to produce this implementation a thorough study had to be performed regarding the FBMC waveform and its existing architecture proposals. Through this study it was possible to compare this waveform with OFDM, the other main 5G candidate waveform.
NOMA.rar - Noma reports for 5G systems
NOMA Presentation1.rar - Non orthogonal multiple access scheme, comparison between wave form candidates in 5G communiaction sysytems
presentation 5G.rar - perfect presentation explained the fbmc modulations - The SC-2075 is a desktop signal conditioner that you can connect directly to National Instruments E Series or 1200 Series devices. The SC-2075 has the following features: • Binding posts – Three for ±15 V outputs – Two for 0 to 5 V outputs – Two for measuring analog signals or DC voltages • BNC connectors – Two for analog inputs – Two for analog outputs – One for triggering • Spring terminals – Eleven for analog inputs – Seven for analog controls – Seven for counter controls – Two for TTL-level power and ground signals – Eight for digital input/output (DIO) signals
5G_FBMC_BER.rar - systemvue for FBMC BER
[Jamal_T._Manassah]_Electronics_and_Circuit_Analy - MATLAB is a numeric computation software for engineering and scientific calculations. MATLAB is increasingly being used by students, researchers, practicing engineers and technicians. The causes of MATLAB popularity are legion. Among them are its iterative mode of operation, built-in functions, simple programming, rich set of graphing facilities, possibilities for writing additional functions, and its extensive toolboxes. The goals of writing this book are (1) to provide the reader with simple, easy, hands-on introduction to MATLAB (2) to demonstrate the use of MATLAB for solving electronics problems (3) to show the various ways MATLAB can be used to solve circuit analysis problems and (4) to show the flexibility of MATLAB for solving general engineering and scientific problems.
An-overview-of-massive-mimo-(Benefits-and.rar - massive mimo and gain types
178217138X_Simulin.rar - simulink fe genral engineering - OFDM block diagram for encoder - SIMULINK MATLAB BOOK

Download log: - matlab-OFDM-SLM-PAPR-BER系统仿真 - OFDM系统中利用TR算法试验PAPR和BER仿真的matlab实现 - TEC_test.m and TEC_test_rot.m are the main functions. TEC_test.m is for the unrotated problem and TEC_test_rot.m is for the rotated ones. TEC_test_function.m includes the benchmark functions, and the data files are the corrsponding data for the benchmark functions. - In this paper, the dynamic multi-swarm particle swarm optimizer (DMS-PSO) is improved by hybridizing it with the harmony search (HS) algorithm and the resulting algorithm is abbreviated as DMS-PSO-HS. We present a novel approach to merge the HS algorithm into each sub-swarm of the DMS-PSO. Combining the exploration capabilities of the DMS-PSO and the stochastic exploitation of the HS, the DMSPSO-HS is developed. The whole DMS-PSO population is divided into a large number of small and dynamic sub-swarms which are also individual HS populations. These sub-swarms are regrouped frequently and information is exchanged among the particles in the whole swarm. The DMS-PSO-HS demonstrates improved on multimodal and composition test problems when compared with the DMS-PSO and the HS. - OFDM PAPR output file OFDM PAPR output file
TLBO.rar - 教与学算法(TLBO),是一种非常好用人工智能算法,类似于遗传算法,可以用在算法寻优和调度排序等方面。
tlbo.rar - TLBO算法.包含有基于经营策略的TLBO改进算法。
TLBO-Code---Unconstrained-.rar - TLBO Code for Unconstrained Functions-无约束条件的教师学习算法
FMBC_OQAM_AWGN.rar - FBMC/ OQAM 利用多相滤波器和IFFT快速傅里叶变换实现的FBMC基本结构。具有良好的性能。
Optimal Fuzzy Logic Controller using - Optimal Fuzzy Logic Controller using PSO
Introduction-to-Fuzzy-Logic-using-MATLAB.rar - introduction to Fuzzy logic using matlab
Basic-Fuzzy-Logic.rar - Basic Fuzzy Logic Basic Fuzzy Logic - ofdm source code with papr reduction using slm technique it also include ber and snr
CCDF.rar - 与DFT扩展OFDMA信号的CCDF和PAPR OFDM信号的CCDF没有PAPR降低技术 一个QPSK/ OFDM系统的峰均功率比和BER分析 限幅滤波技术
PTS_looop_1024.rar - PTS TECHNIQUE to reduce PAPR of OFDM system.
pts_papr.rar - 一种PTS算法在OFDM系统中降低PAPR,并且仿真出BER曲线。
Codes-of-BSA-and-CSO.rar - Chicken Swarm Optimization(CSO)鸡群优化算法,2014年提出的群智能优化算法。 Bird Swarm Algorithm(BSA)鸟群算法,2015年最新的群智能优化算法。 作为两种全新的群智能优化算法,CSO和BSA都具有简单,良好扩展性的特点,是天然的多种群算法! 有关算法信息,可在上述网站查询。 希望对大家有用! - 鸡群算法CSO的matlab代码,求解各类目标函数问题 - 蝙蝠算法是最近新提出来的,是一种搜索全局最优解的有效方法,这个是其源代码,在适当的条件下,可以看作是和声算法和粒子群算法的结合