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2nd paper.rar - Considering the initial objectives of implementing and validating a baseband processor for FBMC transmission it can be said that these objectives were fulfilled as a functional version of a system of this kind was developed and studied, with its results being presented and compared to those of other implementations. In order to produce this implementation a thorough study had to be performed regarding the FBMC waveform and its existing architecture proposals. Through this study it was possible to compare this waveform with OFDM, the other main 5G candidate waveform.
NOMA.rar - Noma reports for 5G systems
NOMA Presentation1.rar - Non orthogonal multiple access scheme, comparison between wave form candidates in 5G communiaction sysytems
presentation 5G.rar - perfect presentation explained the fbmc modulations - The SC-2075 is a desktop signal conditioner that you can connect directly to National Instruments E Series or 1200 Series devices. The SC-2075 has the following features: • Binding posts – Three for ±15 V outputs – Two for 0 to 5 V outputs – Two for measuring analog signals or DC voltages • BNC connectors – Two for analog inputs – Two for analog outputs – One for triggering • Spring terminals – Eleven for analog inputs – Seven for analog controls – Seven for counter controls – Two for TTL-level power and ground signals – Eight for digital input/output (DIO) signals
5G_FBMC_BER.rar - systemvue for FBMC BER
[Jamal_T._Manassah]_Electronics_and_Circuit_Analy - MATLAB is a numeric computation software for engineering and scientific calculations. MATLAB is increasingly being used by students, researchers, practicing engineers and technicians. The causes of MATLAB popularity are legion. Among them are its iterative mode of operation, built-in functions, simple programming, rich set of graphing facilities, possibilities for writing additional functions, and its extensive toolboxes. The goals of writing this book are (1) to provide the reader with simple, easy, hands-on introduction to MATLAB (2) to demonstrate the use of MATLAB for solving electronics problems (3) to show the various ways MATLAB can be used to solve circuit analysis problems and (4) to show the flexibility of MATLAB for solving general engineering and scientific problems.
An-overview-of-massive-mimo-(Benefits-and.rar - massive mimo and gain types
178217138X_Simulin.rar - simulink fe genral engineering - OFDM block diagram for encoder - SIMULINK MATLAB BOOK

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filterbank8.rar - 8 通道双正交余弦调制滤波器组实现,滤波器的采样频率为 Fs:20000Hz 设计的低通原型的通带频率为625Hz 阻带衰减80db,滤波器的系数长度为512
ofdm_PAPR_baseband_rara_spektrum.rar - OFDM Spectrum Simulink
OFDM-with-PAPR-reduction.rar - OFDM com reduç ã o da PAPR
OFDM.rar - OFDM收发过程仿真,包括信道均衡,循环前缀。PAPR统计
ofdm_PAPR_clipping11_capture.rar - OFDM PAPR Clipping Method Passband simulink
ofdm_PAPR_clipping11_2_hpa_2_simulation.rar - OFDM PAPR clipping method Simulink
ofdm_PAPR_clipping11_2_hpa.rar - OFDM with HPA simulink
new1.rar - clc clear number of subbands K = 32 oversampling ratio O = 2 decimation rate D = K/O number of taps per polyphase component P = 3 total prototype filter length is L = D*P prototype filter
fir.rar - 1. 窗口法设计FIR数字滤波器 2. 以Butterworth 模拟低通滤波器为原型,设计IIR数字滤波器 - 切比雪夫低通原型滤波器的设计元件值的提取和耦合系数的计算。并且给出S21和S11的响应曲线图
8filterbank8-.rar - 8 通道双正交余弦调制滤波器组实现,滤波器的采样频率为 Fs:20000Hz 设计的低通原型的通带频率为625Hz 阻带衰减80db,滤波器的系数长度为512
Massive-MIMO-channel-model.rar - 最新大规模天线阵列信道建模论文集,对研究大规模天线信道容量颇有帮助. - 大规模系统中的天线选择算法的MATLAB仿真程序
MIMO和Massive MIMO信号检测算法仿真程序.zip - 本资源中包含了三种线性信号检测算法MRC,ZF,MMSE和非线性信号检测算法ZF-SIC,MMSE-SIC。分别在传统mimo和Massive MIMO系统中进行仿真,分别给出了信噪比-误码率曲线和误码率-接收天线数曲线
基于压缩感知的MASSIVE MIMO信道估计.rar - 基于压缩感知的MASSIVE MIMO信道估计,采用OMP算法解决稀疏信道估计问题。MASSIVE MIMO多小区多用户模型,合成稀疏信道(有效解决导频污染)。
23825728MIMOcapacity.rar - 大规模MIMO信道容量仿真,研究毫米波预编码的可以相互探讨
toMazhar.rar - massive mimo book containing all information of massive mimo - 基于BP算法的massive mimo的均衡算法
Rayleigh_Channel.rar - Gauss_generator利用参数(多普勒频移、系数、相移)生成确定的实高斯过程.m gaussian确定离散多普勒频移、系数、相移的程序.m Rice_generator在瑞利过程的基础上考虑视距分量,生成莱斯过程.m Suzuki_generator成确定型Suzuki过程.m Rayleigh_Doppler_multiPath.m Rayleigh_Doppler_singlePath.m rayleigh_Filter_Model.m pdf_cdf_gen.m test_rayleigh_pdf.m rayleigh.m
abc.rar - 运行一个Matlab程序,完成一个M=4的PAM通信系统的仿真。仿真对10000个符号(2万个比特)进行。测量在噪声方差为0,0.1,1.0和2.0时的符号差错概率。通过低通滤波器。画出理论误码率和由Monte Carlo仿真测得的误码率,并比较这些结果。(平均符号能量为1)