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NOMA.rar - Noma reports for 5G systems
NOMA Presentation1.rar - Non orthogonal multiple access scheme, comparison between wave form candidates in 5G communiaction sysytems
presentation 5G.rar - perfect presentation explained the fbmc modulations - The SC-2075 is a desktop signal conditioner that you can connect directly to National Instruments E Series or 1200 Series devices. The SC-2075 has the following features: • Binding posts – Three for ±15 V outputs – Two for 0 to 5 V outputs – Two for measuring analog signals or DC voltages • BNC connectors – Two for analog inputs – Two for analog outputs – One for triggering • Spring terminals – Eleven for analog inputs – Seven for analog controls – Seven for counter controls – Two for TTL-level power and ground signals – Eight for digital input/output (DIO) signals
5G_FBMC_BER.rar - systemvue for FBMC BER
[Jamal_T._Manassah]_Electronics_and_Circuit_Analy - MATLAB is a numeric computation software for engineering and scientific calculations. MATLAB is increasingly being used by students, researchers, practicing engineers and technicians. The causes of MATLAB popularity are legion. Among them are its iterative mode of operation, built-in functions, simple programming, rich set of graphing facilities, possibilities for writing additional functions, and its extensive toolboxes. The goals of writing this book are (1) to provide the reader with simple, easy, hands-on introduction to MATLAB (2) to demonstrate the use of MATLAB for solving electronics problems (3) to show the various ways MATLAB can be used to solve circuit analysis problems and (4) to show the flexibility of MATLAB for solving general engineering and scientific problems.
An-overview-of-massive-mimo-(Benefits-and.rar - massive mimo and gain types
178217138X_Simulin.rar - simulink fe genral engineering - OFDM block diagram for encoder - SIMULINK MATLAB BOOK

ptsv.rar - 不同的相邻分组数目v实现的pts抑制ofdm峰均比的算法,可以仿真出v越大,papr的性能越好
MMU-and-PTS-table.rar - 1. 附件中是对嵌入式底层开发中常见的MMU配置问题做一个简单的描述; 2. 分析过程是以Samsung 2450处理器的官方BSP中U-Boot代码为例进行的; 3. 如果大家有觉得技术细节上有讨论的地方,可以发邮件到guopeixin@126.com一起来讨论,呵呵
fin_papr_pts.rar - This code implements Pts tecnique for Papr reduction
partial_transmit_sequence.rar - pts method for papr reduction
PAPR_OFDM.rar - 关于OFDM的PAPR的一些matlab仿真程序,有PTS,SLM,Clipping等算法
迭代移位线性搜索PTS模块.zip - 基于OFDM系统设计的迭代移位线性搜索PTS算法,亲测可用
SLMPTS.rar - SLM与PTS的融合(低复杂度),直接可运行
ZCT--PAPR-Reduction.rar - PAPR reduction in OFDM using Zadoff Chu matrix transform - 降低正交频分复用系统PAPR的各种算法及误码率,调试后是正确的 - OFDM系统降低PAPR的三种算法之一,PTS方式降低PAPR。
PAPR-for-OFDM.rar - OFDM峰均比经典算法matlab程序,包括PTS,SLM,限幅等
papr-new.rar - explain about papr reduction OFDM
PAPR-reduction-using-neural-networks.rar - PAPR Reduction Scheme for OFDM Systems via Neural Networks
SLM_Proposed_test.rar - OFDM以SLM方法結合CES降低PAPR
papr_clipping_slm_pts.rar - 降低ofdm系统峰均比(clipping_slm_pts源码)绝对可以运行
papr_windowing.rar - reduction to papr in ofdm with Peak Windowing: The basic idea of peak windowing is to multiply the envelope of OFDM signal with a weighting function . Therefore, ~xE (t)= xE (t) f (t) where XE(t) =[x(t)] The weighting function given by: f (t)= 1-Σ α .w(t- t ) t-t w(t) : is the window function. t : denotes the position of a local maximum of the envelop xE(t) . α : attenuation constant . When the amplitude of envelop amplitude of the OFDM signal exceeds a threshold, a window function is applied to the envelop of the OFDM signal to eliminate the peak amplitude. windowing results in a smooth signal. Hanning window function will be used for w(t) As a matter of fact , other windows such as cosine, hamming and Kaiser may be employed.
constantTR.rar - hybrid clipping-tr matlab code
PUDN.rar - this is code for pts cf slm
ptscftr.rar - pts-cf-tr iteration for matlab code