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NOMA Presentation1.rar - Non orthogonal multiple access scheme, comparison between wave form candidates in 5G communiaction sysytems
presentation 5G.rar - perfect presentation explained the fbmc modulations - The SC-2075 is a desktop signal conditioner that you can connect directly to National Instruments E Series or 1200 Series devices. The SC-2075 has the following features: • Binding posts – Three for ±15 V outputs – Two for 0 to 5 V outputs – Two for measuring analog signals or DC voltages • BNC connectors – Two for analog inputs – Two for analog outputs – One for triggering • Spring terminals – Eleven for analog inputs – Seven for analog controls – Seven for counter controls – Two for TTL-level power and ground signals – Eight for digital input/output (DIO) signals
5G_FBMC_BER.rar - systemvue for FBMC BER
[Jamal_T._Manassah]_Electronics_and_Circuit_Analy - MATLAB is a numeric computation software for engineering and scientific calculations. MATLAB is increasingly being used by students, researchers, practicing engineers and technicians. The causes of MATLAB popularity are legion. Among them are its iterative mode of operation, built-in functions, simple programming, rich set of graphing facilities, possibilities for writing additional functions, and its extensive toolboxes. The goals of writing this book are (1) to provide the reader with simple, easy, hands-on introduction to MATLAB (2) to demonstrate the use of MATLAB for solving electronics problems (3) to show the various ways MATLAB can be used to solve circuit analysis problems and (4) to show the flexibility of MATLAB for solving general engineering and scientific problems.
An-overview-of-massive-mimo-(Benefits-and.rar - massive mimo and gain types
178217138X_Simulin.rar - simulink fe genral engineering - OFDM block diagram for encoder - SIMULINK MATLAB BOOK

Download log: - 基于遗传算法来实现频率采样FIR滤波器的设计,本程序采用的是谢菲尔德的遗传算法工具箱,有各种函数,在工程里面添加了自己的适应度函数。 - ACO OFDM modulation for VLC system
GA_FIR_thongthap.rar - FIR lowpass filter design with GA. Results are comprared to other method
ga.rar - 简单介绍了遗传算法的相关matlab程序 遗传算法包括选择交叉变异等步骤
Np_filter_banks.rar - 近完美重构多相滤波器组实例,包含分析滤波器,综合滤波器,其中原型滤波器系数可调整,以及重构错误的仿真。
polyphase_filters.rar - 多相滤波器组,信道化接收机信号处理新技术
CMFB_and_DFT.rar - DFT滤波器组,画出了DFT分析滤波器组的图形,比较了余弦调制滤波器组(CMFB)和DFT滤波器组的性能
FMT.rar - this code is used to implement FMT Filter bank trancsiver in matlab. the filter coefficient can be changed also the number of subcarriers. - SIGNAL GERNERATING AND FILTER DESIGNING USING MATLAB
FOFDM.rar - filtered-ofdm信号处理,包括IFFT,pulse shaping ,信道估相位估计等模块
EVM_ccdf.rar - 计算信号的EVM和PAR的Matlab源代码 EVM CCDF - Measrurements class. Wrapper for communication toolbox for easy use. Support ACPR and EVM measurements for lte wifi and 5g simulator.
square root raised cosine impulse - square root raised cosine impulse response
STBC.rar - 空时分组编码程序,STBC程序Alamouti方案下不同收发天线数量。
alamouti_mimo.rar - alamouti的mimo方案,包括1发2收,2发1收,2发2收。里面包含文件:qpsk.m;decode1.m;decode.m;mimo_12.m;mimo_21.m;mimo_22.m以及结果和说明文档mimo.doc。 帧数:1000 帧长:1024 调制方式:qpsk 收发天线数:1*2,2*1,2*2
FBMCUniformBlockDiagram.rar - Filter Bank-SMT的基本仿真包含PAPR
Predistortion.rar - Predistortion technique with LUT for PAPR reduction - ToneReservation for PAPR reduction
SLM_PTS_CHIPPING.rar - 此程序为OFDM系统中PAPR降低模块!!!!