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Upload log: - Visual Studio .net based Software Project Management system - Hotel Management System suing Visual Basic
simplecharrec(IaII).zip - Optical Character Recognition System
Body-Language.rar - Body Language an Important Aspects - Transport Management System
Proposed_Code.rar - it is the example of cloud sim code sets
wimax_coop.rar - it hols the essential steps for Wimax installtion
Applied-Software-Risk-Management.rar - this book give detial view on Software Risk Management
ACL.rar - this code contain the procedure to handle access controll List in Cisco packet tracer
ns_doc.rar - This file contain very clear and elaborated details about the ns2 code for implementation Processing
NS-2-Simulator-for-Beginners.rar - this book is all about NS2 code processing. it holds Ns2 useage for the beginners
overlapped_finger.rar - THis program is used to separate the overlapped finger print thus enhnace detection rate
pvcharacteristic.rar - This Program is Simulink for the characterstics idetification of the designed Solar Cell Models
ppppppp.rar - the PDF details contain the frame synchronization mechanism that can be used with permutation code sets - simple Cloud COmputing based NS2 Code realization that can be used efficiently
video-copmression.rar - code for Video Compression and data embedding approach
xgraph.rar - THis code will be really helpful for those who are searching and getting trouble in Xgraph generation code. It allow you to install xgraph in your system
Bayer_CFA.rar - This program perform and explains the proper description about the demosaicking based operations - this file contain the collection video files that is used as an example for the compression process
Ring-Signature.rar - this is a simple program that represent key exchange bet ween the system using the ring structure approach
sensitivie.rar - this program set can be used to identify and highlight sensitive information from the database for the processing
saa.rar - annealing Program that can be used to handle In square shape what are the various object to be removed
ASTM_Filter.rar - Adaptive two stage median filter - semi suspension model for single wheel structure using fuzzy approach
data-fusion.rar - data fusion that exist between nodes.simple and provide good result - this give the way MIMO can be processed
extract_points.rar - extract specific point from the image
sample.rar - Region extraction in a image by defining the position
samp1.rar - RGB,PNG to grayscale conversion
cartop.rar - program to convert rectangular coordinate to Cartesian coordinate
regiontrack.rar - this Program is used to track the moving image object from the given frame of the images. it uses feature extraction from the given histogram
jpegdisplay.rar - The program is in IDL that can be used to convert the RGb in to the grayscale image and process acourdingly

Download log: - Matlab application for breast cancer detection. Also included .names and .data with more than 200 cases.