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DATA_LOGGER.rar - Data logger . Acquired samples from ADC and store it inside external memory
mmc-0.1.zip - Driver to access Memorycard. This is usefull for emmbeded system.
stmlib-master.zip - Stm master Library to program STM discovery Board.
E16LCDDemo_pic24hj256gp610a_pim_1.X.zip - Interfacing LCD using dspic with MPLAB X . This is use to inform user via LCD.

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MCU52Install.zip - ABB M102 V5.0 MCU steup . 最新版本,内部资料。2014最新版本。
MCUSetup-Installation-.rar - ABB M10x MCUSetup 用于调试ABB的智能马达控制器M101,M102的专用软件。
LED_control.rar - LED点阵程序,一共两个汉字,汉字可以任意移动,有单片机的源码,还有上位机软件的源码,上位机软件是用delphi编写的,还有protues的仿真,可以直接联调。
LED_DISPLAY.rar - LED_DISPLAY.rar包括电路图和源程序,用51单片机实现。LED点阵为16*128,可用于显示8个16*16点阵的汉字或图形等,可级联。
HackingGPS.rar - You ll get lost in this book, but nowhere else Your GPS is a really cool toy, but what if you could make it even cooler? What if you could build and hook up data cables, modify your iPAQ cradle to take a GPS connection, tweak the firmware, hook up to your PC without expensive software, use GPS data in a hundred creative ways, even solar-power your GPS? Suppose you could beef up your "first to find" quotient when geocaching, or use your GPS as a super-accurate clock. Well, you can. Read on your adventure is just beginning! Here s how to soup up your GPS Covers both Garmin and Magellan models Crack the secret codes Build auxiliary battery packs Navigate with your GPS Make power and data cables Sharpen your signal Keep firmware update Hack out a PC connectio Create and load dat Grab screenshots on the move Set up an atomic clock Customize GPS games Discover paper-free geocaching.
GPSDatashc.rar - 有关开卫星定位GPS模块 GARMIN GPS 25LP的电路原理图
PCIBusDevelopCD.rar - PCI总线设备开发宝典随书自带光盘,有Pci9052源代码,原理图等
MF500绝密.rar - 非接触式IC卡开发板源程序,包括原理图/PCB图;源程序在KEIL环境下编译,打开压缩包后直接点击PRJ文件,即可编译使用。 这是个保密文件,做Mifare one卡开发人基本上都用过到这个源代码。
PCIcard.rar - PCI数据采集卡,包括原理图,PCB,和元件库,很全的!
WinOLS_Testversion.rar - ecu tuning remapping tool
PKE-Reference-Design.rar - 微芯公司开发的PKE项目,主要是接收器代码,负责低频信号接收
Using the FreeRTOS GuideforM3.rar - Using_the_FreeRTOS_Real_Time_Kernel_A_Practical_GuideforM3
winols软件破解.zip - 对于汽车ECU的编程软件破解文件证书,是MAP图编写必备
16位单片机C语言编程:基于PIC24.zip - 基于C语言的单片机开发教程,可以快速入门并解决实际问题
PCS7 V8.0的CFC 功能手册.rar - 西门子PLC设备携带的仿真软件PCS7 V8.0的使用功能手册
Advancedwirelessnetworks4GTechnologies.rar - Advanced wireless networks 4G Technologies
ARCHITECTURE.rar - 4G design and architecture
407FlyControlX.rar - STM32飞行器源代码407FlyControl,仅供学习参考使用。
crazyflie.zip - 微型四轴飞行器软件部份程序设计。(不是很全面)
Four-rotor-aircraft-design.zip - 四旋翼飞行器设计 2013电子设计大赛需要用到的好资料 Four rotor aircraft design