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Automatic Image Registration.rar - Description: Functions for aligning images by rotation and translation: image_registr_MI.m MI2 - calculating Mutual information joint_h - calculating Joint histogram
Ascii text image generator.rar - Description: Starting from an image file, it generates a .txt file containing the image in Ascii text format.
Affine Transformation02.rar - The transformation parameters are specified by the user by editing the values of the rotation, scale (x and y), and shear (x and y). The translation is not icluded because it can be easily (normalized or) removed from the image by subtracting the shape cetroid. The affine matrix and the affinr transformation are computed using Matlab Image Processing Toolbox functions: maketform and imtransform. So this program is only demonstrates and facilitates the computation and the applying of these functions to a 2-D image.
Add Signature to your Digital Photographs.rar - Description: This function can be used to 1) Personalise your photographs 2) Add signatures to your photographs The input to this function are two pictures - Input 1: your photograph Input 2: your signature
AdaptSAPS.rar - Description: Adaptive SAR ATR Problem Set (AdaptSAPS) Version 1.0
1D gabor Filter.rar - Description: Recent studies on Mathematical modeling of visual cortical cells [Kulikowski/Marcelja/Bishop:1982] suggest a tuned band pass filter bank structure. These filters are found to have Gaussian transfer functions in the frequency domain. Thus, taking the Inverse Fourier Transform of this transfer function we get a filter characteristics closely resembling to the Gabor filters. The Gabor filter is basically a Gaussian (with variances sx and sy along x and y-axes respectively) modulated by a complex sinusoid (with centre frequencies U and V along x and y-axes respectively).
binaryops.zip - Description: A faster implementation of binary dilation and erosion. Our functions take advantage of MATLAB s decomposition of the structuring element but they may result much faster. Try to run example.m to see the speed improvement factor, changing the parameters.
coloc3D.zip - Description: This script allows the user to load 3-D TIFF images, such as those derived from confocal or 2-photon microscopy, into the MATLAB workspace for analysis of colocalization between two images in 3-D. It includes a function <getstacks> that is used for loading the images using the Windows file browser via <uigetfile>.
image_registr_MI.zip - Description: Functions for aligning images by rotation and translation: im_reg_MI.m MI2 - calculating Mutual information joint_h - calculating Joint histogram
AviRead.zip - Description: Reads AVI-files and processes position of pixel maximum per frame

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