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Upload log: - Excellent articles related to digital signal processing, a must have to downloads
871311.rar - good resources for researchers about renewables
786g.rar - good resources for renewables like wind and solar, a must have !
875241.rar - papers good for forecast references!!
3438.rar - papers excellent for forecast of weather
54784.rar - this reference files are good files for the taguchi method, a must have for everyone
7894.rar - this files are references for the taguchi method, good works
98745.rar - this project is related to grid connection for small micro grid, a good reference
65478.rar - this project is related to wind energy, a good reference for renewable energy project
8947137.rar - some papers related to renewable sources, handy papers
78412.rar - These are good papers for the research related to the renewable energy, must have!
578424.rar - introduction about motor drives and some power electronics, handy reference for everyone
7457.rar - good introduction about FET, IGFET, MOSFET and some converters for power drives
7814978.rar - fpga and test it for your projects, good downloads for everyone
647814.rar - excellent papers for the fpga and works for other projects, a must have
784178.rar - This papers are research related to fpga, good papers to download
09842.rar - swarm IMportanting papers useful for thesis references a must have for everyOne
08532.rar - GOOD Papers related to swarms, useful for scientific applications
84765.rar - IMPORTANT papers that is useful for development with pso, good documents
125439.rar - this papers are important research for the evolution computation must have
1247.rar - IMPORTANT PAPERS for doing research with adaptive pso, must have for everyone!
321231.rar - a technique used to hybrid pso and genetic algorithm for science applications
47874.rar - This papers are good applications of artificial intelligence into different fields in engineering, good downloads
12784.rar - pAPERS for doing research in artificial intelligence and applications, a must have for everyone!
124787.rar - Important papers related to artificial intelligence, a must have for everyone!
785432.rar - papers on wind and energy of solar, good for everyone
112321.rar - This are important papers of renewable energy, a must have!
1247ut.rar - this papers are important study for the fuzzy logic of type 2, a must have for development
78432.rar - this papers are artificial intelligence applied into clean energy solutions like wind and PV, a must have!
1178.rar - This are research documents for the power systems and application to motor control, important research
14787.rar - Important papers in power electronics and power systems, a must have for power engineering research
687688.rar - This are important papers on PSO and its applications, a must have for algorithm researchers!
32311.rar - this are important papers for the mppt, a must have for engineers
35354.rar - These are new techniques for mppt, a must have for everyone
787543.rar - These are important papers to PSo and application to the optimization of power systems, a must have for power system researchers!!
68684.rar - This documents are important in the design of PV model, a must have for working with PV solar systems
89867.rar - Important review papers in 2015 renewable energy, a must read for everybody
23245.rar - These documents are important researches of fuzzy logics especially in renewable energy systems, a must have for students
896352.rar - These papers are very important in the renewable energy especially in renewable energy systems like solar, wind, biomass, etc.
895643.rar - These papers are very good review in renewable energy especially in solar energy, a must have for researchers!
Matlab-Tutorial.rar - This are tutorials in matlab and simulink, a must have for learners in beginners in matlab
fuzzy-tutor.rar - This files are important tutorial for those people who wants to learn fuzzy logic and applications. A must have for researchers and engineers
Motor-Drives.rar - this are useful papers for the power electronics and motor drives, a must have for engineers working with motor control systems
Power-Systems.rar - This are important papers on power systems, a must have for electrical engineers and researchers doing research in power systems
solar-ener.rar - a good reference for solar energy, a must have for renewable energy researchers!!
mppt.rar - a complete copy of mppt pdf articles, one must have this if you are working with renewable energy
mppt-pdf.rar - excellent reference papers for mppt, you should have a copy of this one if you are working with renewable energy, a must have!
fuzzy-pso.rar - another papers on the fuzzy logic for pso, this papers provides excellent discussions on the algorithms, you must have a copy of this one
FL-PSO-Papers.rar - FUZZY logic tuning by the pso, a reference for researchers in artificial intelligence, a must have papers for students in control systems
IEEE.rar - papers related to solar energy mppt, a must have for researchers applying the artificial intelligence
SWARM-books.rar - a complete ebook for artificial intelligence and computational intelligence, guides for algorithm development, a must have copy of ebook for programmers and researchers
pso-tollbox.rar - PSO toolbox for matlab, a must have for algorithm development!!
Body-Sensor-Networks.rar - great reference for body sensor networks!!
OSp.rar - good PSO referense pdf file
renable.rar - study is good in the energy renewables systens
Transactions-Industrial-Electronics.rar - IEEE papers for wind energy
journ.rar - excellent research journals! - a must have these papers!!
journ2.rar - a must have document.. good for research!
mefile.rar - Research Journal Papers - good references
50-Ways-to-Increase-Productivity.rar - This is all about productivity of a programmer, it is a good source on how to be a productive on the workplace, a MUST have for all!!!
The-Productivity-Guide---Neagu.rar - This document is all about productivity, it is a guide for the programmers on how to be productive in their workplace - books and articles related to thermodynamics.. a good read for everyone!! - a must have research for doing water pollution research.. good for thesis, and highly recommended for Ph.D !! - papers related to wireless network.. hope can help for your thesis.. a must have! - game theory related to network design.. highly recommended for doing thesis in computer science!! good document, a must have! - research on concrete engineering.. useful for taking thesis related to civil engineering.. highly recommended!!! - plastic concrete useful for research related to structure engineering simulation.. good for MS civil engineering
Investigation_of_High-Frequency_Power_Conversion_ - high frequency power conversion and generation techniques
Uninterrupted_Power_Supply-Synchronous_MotorGener - UPS for synchronous motor generator three phase.. good for reading.. PDF file
Design_of_Electric_Interconnecting_Cables_and_Con - relaiable interconnection system for space vehcles in pdf -- Good for research in aero space
Tactical_Missile-Gse_Design_Interfaces-mez.rar - this paper discusses design interface in the missile and ground support equipment
Solar_Cell_Power_Systems_for_Space_Stations-9e2.r - reports on space station power and optimized cell power system and power conditioning system
65432345.rar - Applied Software Measurements by Jones, this is a very good textbook for software engineering
Pi.rar - PI Assembly Program - which is use for the program development
Python25.rar - Sample Python Program (if-then)

Download log:
ANN_Forecast.rar - Wind Speed Forecast using Artificial Neural Network
kalman-filter.rar - 介绍了Kalman滤波器是一种线性的离散时间有限维系统,对kalman滤波算法公式进行了详细的推导
EKFslamppt.rar - 一个详细讲述卡尔曼滤波的ppt,通过它可以学习有关卡尔曼滤博,和机器人自主定位的知识 - 详细的介绍了卡尔曼滤波算法的相关知识及其在多传感器数据融合中的应用
kalmanintroduction.rar - A good presentation on Kalman Filter
kalmanfilterandrls.rar - these document are about kalman filter and RLS algorithm
zishiyingPPT.rar - 一个讲解关于自适应滤波的PPT ,其中包括LMS,RLD,和卡尔曼滤波的原理及应用环境。
神经网络在电力负荷预测.rar - 附件中包括了制作的关于matlab神经网络在电力负荷预测中的应用的ppt,并且包括程序,希望大家能都锻炼下
ANN_andGA_in_the_Multi-sediment_Flood_Forecasting. - 作者采用具有高度非线性识别能力的人工神经网络与遗传算法相结合的方法,探讨了建立智能预报模型的基本方法,进一步对如何提高预报精度的问题进行了研究,并结合黄河洪水预报实例检验了神经网络模型的可行性。 - 用粒子群算法来训练网络参数,直到误差趋于一稳定值,然后用优化的权值用于BP算法
Ant-particle-swarm.rar - 基于蚁群粒子群的模糊神经网络交通流量预测,是做毕业设计参考的文献,希望对做交通流预测的同学有帮助
ebook-artificial-neural-network-(matlab-toolbox). - Neural Network Toolbox™ provides algorithms, pretrained models, and apps to create, train, visualize, and simulate both shallow and deep neural networks. You can perform classification, regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction, time-series forecasting, and dynamic system modeling and control. Deep learning networks include convolutional neural networks (ConvNets, CNNs) and autoencoders for image classification, regression, and feature learning.
BP.rar - 建立BP神经网络负荷预测模型,并对BP神经网络的节点(输入层、中间层、输出层)进行选择,并选用合适的小波神经网络的训练函数,提高收敛速度和负荷预测精度。
xiaobo.rar - 建立小波神经网络负荷预测模型,并对小波神经网络的节点(输入层、中间层、输出层)进行选择,并选用合适的小波神经网络的训练函数,提高收敛速度和负荷预测精度。
ARFIMA222.rar - 基于长记性特征的时间序列预测模型,很好用,准确度优于普通神经网络,我自己一直在用
One_day_prediction_9999.rar - 利用神经网络算法预测上证指数的走势,该程序分析了上证指数的20年的走势
BP-HIDDEN.rar - 包含多隐含层的BP神经网络程序,已经过调试,训练良好,预测ok,修改输入输出即可 - 利用kalman滤波进行股票预测,并与灰色预测,及神经网络算法的预测结果进行比较。
AI.rar - Bp神经网络的各种例子几个,希望能够帮组到大家,包括负荷预测,经济调度,电厂出力预测等等
loadflow56.rar - 高级应用算法实例\可用于电力系统短期负荷预测的RBF神经网络程序。