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Emulator.zip - 8086 emulator with debugger simple enough to read it and learn. It is able to boot to DOS and modified Linux kernel.
ADC_FTDI.ZIP - Simple jitter-free Analog-to-digital converter software using FTDI chip on Windows.
Always_on_top.ZIP - Utility to set force always on top flag for any process in Windows, usefull for Windows hacks.
Webcam.zip - Full C++ source code for handling any webcam device interface, with GUI and realtime preview
googleearthtoolbox.zip - Google Earth toolbox for Matlab with source code and demos

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etde.zip - 时延估计中 etde 和 etdge 算法的实现
7gaojieleijiliang.rar - 四阶累积量时延估计算法和四阶累积量与ETDE结合的时延估计算法
Untitled3.rar - 三阶累积量与ETDGE算法相结合求时延值的matlab程序,在三阶累积量的基础上通过ETDGE滤波器获得时延估计值