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som-wave.rar - Anomaly Detection using Self-Organizing Map and Wavelets in Wireless Sensor Networks
FDI.rar - fault detection, dignosis, wind turbine Diagnostic des systemes a energies renouvelables de type eolien,
Fault-Detection-and-Isolation-in-Robotic-Manipula - In this work, Artificial Neural Networks are employed in a Fault Detection and Isolation scheme for robotic manipulators. Two networks are utilized: a Multilayer Perceptron is employed to reproduce the manipulator dynamical behavior, generating a residual vector that is classified by a Radial Basis Function Network, giving the fault isolation. Two methods are utilized to choose the radial unit centers in this network. The first method, Forward Selection, employs Subset Selection to choose the radial units from the training patterns. The second employs the Kohonen’s Self-Organizing Map to fix the radial unit centers in more interesting positions. Simulations employing a two link manipulator and the Puma 560 manipulator indicate that the second method gives a smaller generalization error.
SVMnonlinforASI.zip - SVM PCA (Principal Component Analysis) algorithm has been widely used in engineering and science research, This report mainly from the PCA and the basic structure of the basic tenets of its research, Conventional PCA algorithm used mainly linear algorithm

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breast_cancer_detection_using_neural_networks.rar - deep learning breast cancer
som_breast.rar - It diagnoses the breast cancer using som algorithm.
breast-segmentation.rar - breast cancer detection
1198d8ce935e.rar - Medical image processing is the most challenging and emerging field now a days. Processing of MRI images is one of the part of this field. This paper describes the proposed strategy to detect & extraction of brain tumour patient’s MRI scan images of the brain. This method incorporates with some noise removal functions, segmentation and morphological operations which are the basic concepts of image processing. Detection and extraction of tumour MRI scan images of the brain is done by using MATLAB software.