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06945348.rar - Slip-ratio-based methods are commonly used to control the wheel torque such that the wheel dynamics is stabilized and the desired traction/braking force is attained; however, slip-ratio-based controllers are incompetent for precise longitudinal tire force tracking due to nonparametric tire model uncertainties.
06894177.rar - In this paper, we propose a new approach for a robust multirate lane-keeping control scheme with predictive virtual lanes.
06862053.rar - Great advances in simulation-based vehicle system design and development of various driver assistance systems have enhanced the research on improved modeling of driver steering skills.
06824782.rar - This paper presents a novel nonlinear guidance scheme for ground track control of aerial vehicles.
06760310.rar - In assessing and controlling vehicle dynamics, tyre forces are the most important variables as they are the only point of interaction with the road.
06742591.rar - This paper presents a method for electronic stability control (ESC) based on model predictive control (MPC) using the bicycle model with lagged tire force to reflect the lagged characteristics of lateral tire forces on the prediction model of the MPC problem for better description of the vehicle behavior
06716435.rar - In this paper, a multi-model observer dedicated to ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) rollover prevention is proposed.
06669331.rar - This contribution proposes a model-based predictive control approach for combined longitudinal and lateral vehicle guidance.
06613227.rar - Model Predictive Control (MPC) based flight control system for a rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicle is presented.
06358216.rar - In order to reduce the fatal damage of tire blowout during vehicle operation, a differential flatness based model
06315130.rar - The proposed control scheme consists of a lateral guidance module based on a NonLinear Model-based Predictive Controller (NLMPC) and a cruise speed generation and regulation module.
KSICA_FILIP_BP2014.rar - Next chapters describe different approaches of modelling flexible parts using analytical and numerical methods. In the following step, model of particular mechatronic system is created.
paper78.rar - This system consists of two channels: thermal channel and optical channel and their dynamical mathematical models can be described by a step-response model.
Danek_DP_2017.rar - There are described types of inverse pendulums, used power electronics, sensors and their connection to the MF624 control card and to external hardware.
Foriska_Ales_BP_2010.rar - The begining of thesis is dedicated to the theoretical study of the history, production and usage of virtual reality.
na2017.rar - A model predictive control method for a bidirectional DC/DC converter with feedback correction is presented
dehghanzadeh2018.rar - A continuous control set model predictive control (CCS-MPC) is designed for a DC-DC buck converter used in maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of a photovoltaic (PV) module
ayad2013.rar - This paper presents model predictive controller (MPC) design for grid connected Photovoltaic system
398-339-1-PB.rar - This paper deals with the design and simulation of an efficient solar photovoltaic system with a maximum power point tracking system (MPPT)
laird2013.rar - A thermoelectric generator is a low-voltage high-current dc power source with a linear characteristic, and therefore, it is desirable to create a power converter with a topology and control method suited to these attributes.
guiatni2011.rar - This research deals with thermal rendering for telepresence applications. We present the modeling and identification of thermo-electric modules (TEMs) to be used either as part of a thermal display or a remote thermal probe.
gasteloroque2017.rar - The refrigeration of thermolabile medicines and vaccines require the continuous provision of electrical energy so that their therapeutic efficacy is not affected
System Modelling and Controller designed for.rar - System Modelling and Controller designed for Thermoelectric Generator using a First Order Plus Dead Time.
DOF Helicpoter.rar - Mass distribution variations in helicopters cause significant adverse effects on helicopter flight. These variations are triggered by unwanted torques.
c72e5dd2127eecc688cd6c5d0299e28b3ab1.rar - This paper focuses on the design of a novel control approach. Its contribution to the existing literature is that in the design of an interval type-2 fuzzy neural system, recursive fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm is used and the designed algorithm is applied in control applications.
barbosa2016.rar - Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQR) controller and Kalman Filter (KF) both are robust when acting separately, but this property is lost if using them together.
aguilar2017.rar - Flaxseed may improve the adverse effects of the lack of oestrogens. This study compared the effects of brown and golden flaxseed intake on body composition, inflammation and bone biomarkers in overweight perimenopausal women.
20170609080945510.rar - type-2 fuzzy controllers (T2FLC) are designed to control position of yaw and pitch angles of the Twin Rotor Multi-input Multi-output System (TRMS) characterized with nonlinear dynamics and uncertainties
reyesvaleria2013.rar - quadrotors have become a popular UAV research platform because full control can be achieved through speed variations in each and every one of its four rotors. Here
6587.rar - This chapter describes the different steps of designing, building, simulating, and testing an intelligent flight control module for an increasingly popular unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), known as a quadrotor. It presents an in-depth view of the modeling of the
10.1080@00423114.2016.1256489.rar - An integrated vehicle dynamics control (IVDC) algorithm, developed for improving vehicle handling and stability under critical lateral motions, is discussed in this paper. The IVDC system utilises integral and nonsingular fast terminal sliding mode (NFTSM) control strategies and coordinates active front steering (AFS) and direct yaw moment control (DYC) systems. When the vehicle is in the normal driving situation, the AFS system provides handling enhancement. If the vehicle reaches its handling limit, both AFS and DYCare then integrated to ensure the vehicle stability.
01383856.rar - A higher order sliding mode controller for a class of MIMO nonlinear systems: application to PM synchronous motor control
chapter455.zip - This paper studies the reliable robust tracking controller design problem against actuator faults and control surface impairment for aircraft. First, models of actuator faults
CMCC-3EI-99.rar - Commande en vitesse d’une charge entraî née par
getPDF1.rar - Genetic Algorithm Based Parameter Learning
getPDF.rar - Decentralized Adaptive Fuzzy Control of Robot Manipulators

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MPCcontrol.rar - 用simulink搭建了一个汽车路径规划仿真,采用模型预测控制,具有很好的跟随性
mpc算法资源.rar - mac Model predictive control simulation matlab a simple example
State_MPC.zip - 构建状态空间模型,运用模型预测控制控制追踪,适用于初学者
MPPT_Fuzzy_PO.rar - Maximum Power Point Tracking Solar Charge Controllers (MPPT) are different than the traditional PWM solar charge controllers in that they are more efficient and in many cases more feature rich
mppt.rar - 文档中包含了关于光伏的MPPT 传统算法以及智能算法
upload.zip - PSO-MPPT pvsolar energy
细菌.zip - 基于细菌觅食算法的MPPT算法寻优技术,可以实现最大功率点跟踪,利于课设,使用方便!
Fuzzy_Controller.zip - Fuzzy controller for pv system
Grid_connected-_PV_Fuzzy_MPPT-cell_model.rar - Grid_connected _PV_Fuzzy_MPPT-cell_model
Solar_MPPT_Resistaince_load.zip - Solar_MPPT_Resistaince_load.zip 光伏发电 最大功率捕获
MPPT_VS_PandO_10kHz_PWM_Variable_Irradiance.rar - MPPT and_PandO Variable_Irradiance
INCMPPT.zip - 电导法实现最大功率跟踪,选用较小步长,适合在各种不同环境下
mppt-wind_asser.rar - simulation of generator speed with mppt control
Solar-MPPT-Resistance-Load.zip - Design of Solar MPPT model with a resistive load
PId adaptative non-affine system.rar - Linear adaptive control of a class of SISO nonaffine nonlinear systems
adaptive.rar - MRAC control of a siso linear SPR system using MIT rule
proge1.rar - MRAC control of linear system
MRAC.rar - a summary of adaptive control type MRAC
guangyiyuce.rar - 根据三容水箱对象本身的特性,采用带遗忘因子的辅助变量最小二乘法对其CARIMA模型参数进行了辨识,并基于辨识所得到的参数模型,用广义预测控制方法对三容水箱的液位进行了控制。实验结果表明,采用此模型的广义预测控制算法有良好的控制效果。