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CBComboBox.rar - ComboBox with CheckListBox When you check/uncheck an item this is added/removed in the visual part of combo. It has also a popup with Select all, unSelect all items with other additions
ATTimePanel.rar - TTimePanel is, among other things, the first Delphi component I ve ever written! I ve been using Delphi 2 for many projects over the last 5 or so years - but I ve never written a component before. Why? Well, it just seems that every time I needed an extra bit of functionality I ve managed to find it in one of the many extremely high quality freeware components that have been released by various generous soles on the web.
googlemap.rar - Using google maps direct from delphi
hotkeys.rar - Do you have a friend that has the Microsoft Intellitype software installed and now has easy access to a lot of common Windows 95 functionality through hotkeys? Now you can have the same and even more with 慔otkeys? 慔otkeys?is a program that allows you to define hotkeys to: - Start applications (like control panel applets or frequently used programs). - Send keystrokes to other applications. - Minimize all Windows, Exit Windows, log off Windows or reboot your computer. - Quickly access some of Hotkeys internal functions like the Hotkey editor or the Hotkey list.
InfinityCVT.rar - ActiveX for convert WAV files to DIALOGIC ADPCM audio format

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