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gcalsync_source.zip - google calendar sync source code
ILL347.zip - Hands on lab, windows CE build proce
HOL201_MEDC06.zip - Hands on lab, how to develope windows mobile application, inclduing document and source code
liveserviceonmobiledevice-demo-src-2.zip - how to use RSS services on windows mobile
liveserviceonmobiledevice-demo-src-1.zip - Accessing microsoft live web services from windows mobile
proxy-0.22-httpproxy.tar.gz - source code for http proxy
ssl_update_05_11_2001.zip - ssl implementation(delphi)
port-redirector-sourcecode.zip - source code for port redirector
eBook[UNIX] - Network Programming Source Code - un - Source Code from Richard Steven s Unix Network Programming

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