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Upload log: - USB creator for max mojavo operating systems
NOTES---141405-DATABASE-MANAGEMENT-SYSTEMS-and-LA - DBMS anna university syllabus based e-material
SQL-COMPLETE.rar - Complete SQL guide which will give practical oriented procedure
SOA-Labmanual.rar - SOA example programs using .net and netbeans
aicte_travel-grand-application.rar - AICTE travel grant application
FSO.rar - FSO - Free space optics survey papers - A Genetic Algorithm is solution that is used to estimate various mathematical blackbox problems. In this example, we use a function that accepts multiple parameters and after these numeric arguments are added, subtracted, multiplied or divided, the BlackBox function outputs a number. The Genetic Algorithm will attempt to find out what goes on inside the function using evolutionary techniques.
mcq.rar - System will automatically delete the directory of debug and release, so ple - System will automatically delete the directory of debug and release, so please do not put files
circle.rar - circle drawing algorithm with c programming examples

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phonecall.rar - moden录音,放音程序,以及使用TAPI的功能
Docs2.rar - Creating the Auto Answering Machine Application
dehaze.rar - verify the idea of <Single Image Dehazing>, which has good result for the haze image recover.
Project_4_haze - Dehazing images and code
MatlabDefogging.rar - 该MATLAB程序实现含烟雾图像的双边去雾效果,包含程序源码和示例图片,是很好的学习程序。
CVPR09-best-paper.rar - CVPR09 best paper 图像去雾matlab实现
single-image-dehazing.rar - single image dehazing matlab代码 - 最新图像去雾文章,最新CVPR收录的图像去雾算法,内含matlab代码和对应论文。对学习图像去雾理论非常有帮助 - Tarel的图像快速去雾算法,可以实现灰度和彩色图像的去雾,将文件中的图像读取路径进行修改即可。 - 有关何凯明暗原色先验去雾的MATLAB代码,此算法是对之前softmatting技术的改进,提出了一种新的算法(Guided Filtering)。其中还包括He的一篇论文(Guided Image Filtering) - The guided filter can be used as an edge-preserving smoothing operator like the popular bilateral filter, but has better behaviors near edges. The guided filter is also a more generic concept beyond smoothing: it can transfer the structures of the guidance image to the filtering output, enabling new filtering applications like dehazing and guided feathering. Moreover, the guided filter naturally has a fast and non-approximate linear time algorithm, regardless of the kernel size and the intensity range. Currently it is one of the fastest edge-preserving filters.
Ring-reduced - 基于机器学习用于图像去雾雾霾的算法,matlab编程,比较实用
Haze Removal.rar - 基于最优传输图的单幅图像去雾。 在除雾模型中启发式假设下的最优透射图。