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Wideband MIMO 5G.rar - An Extremely Low-Profile Wideband MIMO Antenna for 5G Smart-phones
walker2015.rar - A theoretical model of an ultrasonic transducer incorporating spherical resonators
turning delays.rar - Mathematical modelling of turning delays in swarm robotics
transform method.rar - A transform method for Laplaces equation in multiply connected circular domains
time series analysis.rar - Topic time series analysis of microblogs
Stacked Patch Antenna.rar - Stacked Patch Antenna with Dual-Polarization and Low Mutual Coupling for Massive MIMO
integral models.rar - The properties of integral models for planar and axisymmetric unsteady jets

Download log: - 它通过追随当前搜索到的最优值来寻找全局最优。这种算法以其实现容易、精度高、收敛快等优点引起了学术界的重视,并且在解决实际问题中展示了其优越性。粒子群算法是一种并行算法。 - 粒子群算法,也称粒子群优化算法或鸟群觅食算法(Particle Swarm Optimization),缩写为 PSO, 是近年来由J. Kennedy和R. C. Eberhart等 开发的一种新的进化算法(Evolutionary Algorithm - EA)。PSO 算法属于进化算法的一种
基于FPGA改进粒子群优化算法.rar - 利用权重和差异演化来改进PSO 并在FPGA中实现
SBL.rar - 基于稀疏贝叶斯学习的窄带信号波达方向估计,实测有用,亲测有效! - 包括地址产生单元、数据查询单元(可以重新初始化rom中的数据,由matlab产生.coe文件替换)、积分单元、抽取单元、梳状滤波单元,对于初学者很有帮助 - 数字接收机cic抽取模块 抽取倍数可以选择 包括verilog代码 word文档 matlab仿真 testbench代码
客户验收.rar - 本程序,利用了图像形态学技术进行气泡生成图像的自动识别处理,对气泡分布图像进行了统计分析,有参考文献!
Asynchronous_machine_fed_by_PWM_inverter.rar - The number of industry applications in which induction motors are fed by static frequency inverters is growing fast and, although much has already been done within this field, there is still a lot to be studied/understood regarding such applications. The advance of variable speed drives systems engineering increasingly leads to the need of specific technical guidance provision by electrical machines and drives manufacturers, In this project we have studied and developed a simulink model with PWM inverter and find out the various characteristics and analysis them.
MATLAB-Files.rar - File 1: THIS CODE IS USED TO DRAW THE PUMP CURVES AT DIFFERENT PUMP SPEED 1: PUMP CURVE 2: EFFICIENCY CURVE 3: BREAK HORSEPOWER CURVE 4: KW-INPUT CURVE File 2: THIS CODE IS FOR APPLYING THE WAY OF CALCULATING THE EFFICIENCY, POWER AND KW-INPUT FOR VARIABLE SPEED PUMP AT A GIVEN DESIRED HEAD AND DESIRED FLOW AS SHOWN IN THE PAPER TITLED: " how to calculate the pump efficiency and power for variable speed pump" File 3: this code is to correct the use of affinity law by shifting the curve to intersect with the system-curve at the desired flow as shown in the paper titled: "The Correct Method of Calculating Energy Savings to Justify Adjustable-Frequency Drives on Pumps"
30_MODELLING.rar - Variable speed drives with Pulse Width Modulation are increasingly applied in many new industrial applications for more efficient performance. Recently, developments in power electronics and semiconductor technology have lead to widespread use of power electronic converters in the power electronic systems. A number of Pulse width modulation (PWM) schemes are used to obtain variable voltage and frequency supply from a three-phase voltage source inverter. Among the different PWM techniques proposed for voltage fed inverters, the sinusoidal PWM technique has been popularly accepted. But there is an increasing trend of using space vector PWM (SVPWM) because of their easier digital realization, reduced harmonics, reduced switching losses and better dc bus utilization. This paper focuses on step by step development of SVPWM implemented on a PMBLDC motor. Simulation results are obtained using MATLAB/Simulink environment for effectiveness of the stud
gentic-algorithm-matlab.rar - genetic algorithm based optimal power flow solution
fwdmodifiedfiles.rar - Power Quality Enhancement Using Hybrid-Fuzzy Based Active Compensation Scheme for Grid Connected-Hybrid Power Generators
01-For-MATLAB-R2015a.rar - fuzzy gain scheduling for power quality improvement
Reactive-Power-and-fish-algorithm.rar - 本文基于matlab开发环境,利用鱼群算法对30节点的电网进行无功优化
yichuansuanfawugongyouhua.rar - 基于遗传算法的无功优化问题,基于Matlab的遗传算法的编程,简单明了,易懂,是对遗传算法的很好地例程
5678799.rar - 免疫算法和粒子群算法结合后用于求解多目标无功优化
aco.rar - 基于蚁群算法matlab无功优化 可以参考 - 关于多维变量PSO算法优化,是基于matlab的算法分析。可解决电力系统中无功优化等类似问题。例子中是2维的,若要增加变量请自行更改程序
yichuansuanfawugong.rar - 遗传算法(genetic algorithm,GA)是一种近年来发展起来的基于自然选择规律的进化算法,本程序利用改进型遗传算法对电力系统进行无功优化,与遗传算法进行比较,通过实际算例分析及MATLAB编程结果运行,成功解决了无功优化问题,并验证了改进型遗传算法的优越性。 - 无功优化的Matlab程序,在Matlab下可以运行!