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Delphi---Object-Pascal-Language-Guide.rar - Delphi - Object Pascal Language Guide
Delphi-tweak-policy.rar - Sample for Tweak and Policy App. writen on Delphi
Wake-On-LAN.rar - WakeOnLAN sample code for delphi and executable
BlueClock-VCL.rar - LED Clock VCL and Sample Executable - Spam Mail Filter sample code - Good and very light mp3 player code for Delphi with MDI - RAM Optimization Sample
WFolder-Protector-Delphi-7.rar - Another way for Folder protection technique - many delphi code examples and references - WMI Remote Execute for windows, If you know remote user name and password you can use it for remote execute for an application. - PSMAntiKeyLogger --> Real-time protection, protects you against KeyLoggers (For Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP) - Sample sources of how you can optimize system memory (RAM) - Matrix screensaver sources written at Delphi, It s good sample for how to write screensaver on delphi.
OneInstance_D2009.rar - Delphi Component for you can make application runs one - SD Process Info Library

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