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PWM_Fall13.rar - pwm project describition
????? ??????.rar - ETAP course in arabic
three_dim_plot.rar - PSCAD connection with Matlab
phasors_pscad.rar - phasor modeling in pscad
hvdc_fourier.rar - fourier model in pscad
DistributedGeneratio.zip - Simulation DG in PSCAD with control
CIGRE_B457_022715.zip - CIGRE HVDC PSCAD Model
L35Examples.zip - PSCAD Simulation for Lines
Var-TLine.zip - Variable Tline in PSCAD
Synchronous.zip - Synchronous machine in PSCAD
SCtest.zip - SC Test of Gen in PSCAD
SyncMachineInit.zip - PSCAD Case for generator
ekf.zip - Learning the nonlinear Extended Kalman Filter
aacircle.zip - draw a cirlcle by giving coordinates of the circle - simple software.
kalman-f.m.zip - Learn kalman filter - a program to show kalman filter steps
lms.m.zip - LMS Algorithm Demo - A system identification by the usage of the LMS algorithm.
ldiv.m.zip - Calculates inverse Z-transform by long division
optimization.tar.gz - Iterative Methods for Optimization

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case2.rar - power sharing method with droop controler
bingwang.zip - 下垂控制,两个微电源,孤岛运行和并网运行
DCdroop_dianyabuchang.rar - 带有电压恢复补偿功能的直流微电网下垂控制,适用于孤岛运行
droop_islanded_dc.zip - 基于孤岛模式下的PSCAD下垂控制模型,仅供参考学习
droop.zip - 下垂控制的PSCAD模型,可完美运行,供参考学习
DCdroopbasic.rar - 基本的直流微电网下垂控制,可以实现在孤岛运行模式下的电压-功率控制
EE394J10opcont.rar - dg droop control charteristics expalined with animation
DROOP-ANALYSIS.rar - Analysis, design, and experimental evaluation of power calculation in digital droop controlled parallel microgrid inverters
MATLAB.rar - 下垂控制下垂控制下垂控制下垂控制下垂控制下垂控制下垂控制
Grid-Connected-PV-System.zip - This paper presents a PSCAD/EMTDC model of PV solar panels, the grid connected three phase voltage sourced inverter (VSI) and its controller system. The VSI control is implemented with current control loops. A maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm is implemented to get the maximum output power for any given solar irradiation and temperature. This is integrated with the inverter control in such a way that the requirement of DC-DC converter is eliminated to harvest the maximum power. The inverter model also maintains near unity power factor regardless of the level of power output and maintains an acceptable level of current harmonics. Finally, the developed model is validated with the output of a commercially used PV module.
pv_battery_model.zip - 光伏电池的PSCAD DEMO 可以使用
IEEE_39_bus.rar - the IEEE Bus systems built in pscad software , the included model is 39 ieee buses test system. IEEE bus systems are used by researchers to implement new ideas and concepts. This technical note describes the details of the IEEE 39-bus system. The system consists of loads, transmission lines, and generators.
IEEE-5-30-39 bus system.zip - IEEE-5-30-39节点潮流计算程序,有正确的结果!
39 BUS SYSTEM.rar - The IEEE 39-bus system has 10 generators and 46 lines.
case39.rar - this m.file contain 39 IEEE bus system line data and bus data for load flow analysis
IEEE_39bus_PI_Pooya_mask.rar - 30 Wind Power Penetration (DFIG-based Wind Farm)in IEEE 39 Bus Power System/MATLAB
Eng_Pouya.rar - Reduced model of ieee 39 bus test system in MATLAB
system.rar - ieee 39 bus test system (New England Test System) in MATLAB/SimPowerSystem
EDmatlab.rar - economic dispatch to solve problem 39 bus 10 generator IEEE system