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IonCube v8.3.rar - IonCube v8.3 Decoder you need install last framework to ioncube decoder work see MANUAL ( folder MANUAL manual.html) how decoder works
Ioncube8-Decoder-master.zip - **IonCube 8 Decoder** *** **DISCONTINUED** *** **Features:** 1. Decode IC8.x and Zend Optimizer UpToDate (PHP 5.4) 2. Decode IC8.x and Zend Optimizer UpToDate (PHP 5.2) 3. Decode IC7.x and Zend Optimizer UpToDate (PHP 5.3) 4. Decode IC7.x and Zend Optimizer and PHPExpress UpToDate (PHP 5.2) 5. Decode IC6.x and Zend Optimizer and PHPExpress UpToDate (PHP 5.2) 6. Decode Zend XC (PHP 5.2) 7. Decrypt PHP Encryptions (PHP 5.3)
configuration.rar - TRYING DECODE IONCUBE php 5.4
iDezender.zip - 可解ioncube及Zend加密,支持批量。
iDezender-9.2.zip - 解密php相关版本的代码 解密php相关版本的代码 解密php相关版本的代码
loader-wizard.zip - decoder for ioncube 2018
2007-100%.rar - 通达oa2007 100%源代码 全部都是dezend 后的
云路PHP解密20180305.zip - 云路PHP解密 支持Zend/PHP5.2, Zend/PHP5.3解密, Zend/PHP5.4解密, Zend/PHP5.5解密, Zend/PHP5.6解密。 支持IonCube8解密, IonCube9解密, 部分IonCube10解密。 支持魔方PHP解密。 支持mzphp多个版本解密。 支持php-beast, php-screw, zoeeyguard解密。 支持phpjm解密, zym解密, 威盾/微盾解密。 其他不常见的加密类型请联系站长解决。
DeZend_v7.zip - ioncube decoder dezenzer for free all
EasyToYou - IonCube Decoder [v8.4].zip - EasyToYou is a decoder of IonCube, as the name indicates, here you can decode the files encrypted with IonCube easily. We have developers working every day to keep the site and the decoder updated. If you want to decrypt any file, we offer the best market prices, check out that. More infos... EasyToYou already have 3 years. Here you can found on IonCube Decoder for less prices. That prices is like a donation for our work to take that website online because we don't have any advertising here. Some reasons to use EasyToYou: No ads 97% of decoded files through this ioncube files are correct! Can decode multiple files Easy to use 99.9% online for year We hope you enjoy, thank you.
EasyToYou.eu---IonCube-v8.3-Decoder.rar - EasyToYou.eu - IonCube v8.3 Decoder PHP INONCUBE DECODER
iDezender-9.2.zip - iDezender 9.2 to decode the ioncube files succesfully.
De-ionCube.zip - 三大PHP加密软件的解密工具,将文件放置在files文件夹,执行可执行文件就可以解密。
G-DeZender_1.0.1.0.rar - G-Dezender PHP在线解密提供混淆解密,Zend解密,易盾解密,支持PHP版本5.2,5.3,5.4。
Zend-PHP-file-decryption-tool.zip - PHP文件zend解密工具 Zend PHP file decryption tool
DecodeZend.rar - php解密工具。可以用来解密php
Can-decrypt-zend5.3.rar - Can decrypt zend5.3 Can decrypt zend5.3
SeayDzend解密工具.zip - 最近在读一些有zend 5.4加密的代码,之前的黑刀无法解密5.4,网上找了下发现大多要收费,有一个工具叫G-DeZender能解5.4,但是未付费版本每点一次只能解密一个文件,这TM四五千个文件点完会死人的。 丢给公司的小莫同志研究了下,抓了下这个程序的进程,发现这个程序也是调用的本地文件去解密,那直接写个循环调用不就完了。。。 花了点时间抄了个SeayDzend,支持zend 5.2,zend5.3,zend5.4 的解密,造福下大众,感谢e站网友一如既往的支持本站!
G-DeZender_1.0.1.3.zip - G-Dezender PHP在线解密提供混淆解密,Zend解密,易盾解密,支持PHP版本5.2,5.3,5.4。
G-DeZender_1.0.9.zip - 可以用来解密ZEND加密的文件,非常好用,亲测!!