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facts-and-figures-2016-fr.rar - renewable energy development
e_book_actionnaires_avril-2018.rar - Book of electrical vehicule
collotta2015.rar - A Novel Energy Management Approach for Smart Homes Using Bluetooth Low Energy
chiu2016.rar - micro grid managment
caso2015.rar - internet of things in micro grid
57578856cascadethreephase.rar - cadcaded three level inverter
39709570batpso.rar - pso in matlab simulink
29782165PQ.rar - pq control of inverter
9927421droop_control.rar - droop control in micro grid
3970969SPLL.rar - pll circuit in the elrctrical engnering

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107215774AC_microgrid_fault.rar - 在matlab环境下的电网故障仿真模型,很好的仿真模型,便于学习
control-of-multi-der.rar - multi der functions control and protection of microgrids
5348160.zip - Application of Neural Networks in Wind Power (Generation) Prediction
001PhilippinesWindDownload.zip - A very good example of wind generation in HOMER software.
HOMER.rar - HOMER Energy released HOMER Grid – our first new desktop product since the launch of HOMER Pro in November 2014. HOMER Grid addresses a growing market that was not well served by HOMER Pro: behind-the-meter systems connected to a mostly reliable grid, where demand charges, energy arbitrage, self-consumption, or all three of these are driving the economics of storage, often in combination with renewables, such as solar or wind, backup generators, or combined heat and power systems.
HES.ZIP - Report on hybrid energy system using wind, solar and diesel systems and employ homer technique
Hybrid-Controller-BY-YASIR.zip - Ppt on hybrid energy system using wind, solar and diesel systems and employ homer technique
PSO.rar - This paper propose a Firefly algorithm (FA) for optimal placement and sizing of distributed generation (DG) in radial distribution system to minimize the total real power losses and to improve the voltage profile. FA is a metaheuristic algorithm which is inspired by the flashing behavior of fireflies. The primary purpose of firefly’s flash is to act as a signal system to attract other fireflies. Metaheuristic algorithms are widely recognized as one of the most practical approaches for hard optimization problems. The most attractive feature of a metaheuristic is that its application requires no special knowledge on the optimization problem. In this paper, IEEE 33- bus distribution test system is used to show the effectiveness of the FA. Comparison with Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm (SFLA) is also given.
finalrobustbackwardforward.rar - requirement of PSO technique program for optimal sizing of distributed generation
A-New-Differentially-Private-Data-Aggregation.zip - A New Differentially Private Data Aggregation With Fault Tolerance for Smart Grid Communications
Fault-Tolerant-Control-of-Induction-Machines-usin - Fault Tolerant Control of Induction Machines using Takagi-Sugeno
Experimental-Fault-Tolerant-Control.rar - Experimental Fault-Tolerant Control of a PMSM Drive
Nonlinear-Fault-Tolerant-Control.rar - 非线性容错控制:容错控制的一个简单的例子,用于非线性系统的容错控制。
PID_C.zip - Digital version of Fractional-Order PID Controller (DFOC) of the form: C(s) = K + Ti/s^m + Td*s^d for given sampling period Ts [sec]. For more details and help write: >> help DFOC
The_third_time.zip - 永磁同步电机矢量控制的仿真搭建,基于PID控制以及滑模控制,分数阶PID控制和分数阶滑模控制等
svpwm.rar - SVPWM的主要思想是以三相对称正弦波电压供电时三相对称电动机定子理想磁链圆为参考标准,以三相逆变器不同开关模式作适当的切换,从而形成PWM波,以所形成的实际磁链矢量来追踪其准确磁链圆。传统的SPWM方法从电源的角度出发,以生成一个可调频调压的正弦波电源,而SVPWM方法将逆变系统和异步电机看作一个整体来考虑,模型比较简单,也便于微处理器的实时控制。
power_cV.zip - The Two-Quadrant DC/DC Converter block implements a two-quadrant DC/DC power converter. You can choose three model types : Switching devices — The converter is modeled with IGBT/diode pairs controlled by firing pulses produced by a PWM generator. This model provides the most accurate simulation results. Switching function — The converter is modeled by a switching-function model. The switches are replaced with two voltage sources and two diodes on the AC side and with two current sources on the DC side. The converter is controlled by firing pulses produced by a PWM generator (0/1 signals) or by firing pulses averaged over a specified period (PWM averaging: signals between 0 and 1). Both modes of operation produce harmonics normally generated by a PWM-controlled converter and also correctly simulate rectifying operation as well as blanking time. This model type is well-suited for real-time simulation.
NSGA-II.rar - this file is optimal sizing component DG by using algorithm GA