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Upload log: - Banking system make in delphi, really basic,.source code included - Send mail project works with Delphi Tokyo
NTFSTools.rar - New Technology File System Tools with Delphi Source! - GTalk, Jabber Protocol, not tested yet - Function Plotter with Graphics
AVIPLAY.rar - Useful for Playing AVI Files - Search inside Files and walk through Files!
PainLess_Interest.rar - A Quick and Simple way to Determine the Interest of a Loan and to check how the leases are going out.
Contact_Recovery.rar - Points to the Contact Information of Logged MSN Accounts to See and Save Contact Information throught the Defaults Windows Paths.
ChgRES.rar - Change Screen Resolution via or Throught Command Line Interface... Simple and Practical.
All-Ticks.rar - A Ticket Manager and Printer to Use on a Epson LX-300 to Print 5"5 Page Tickets, Good Interface, User Friendly.
QT.ZIP - QuickTime Player Interface API, It Provides you with the API to use QuickTime in Delphi!.
Hotmail_Mimic.rar - Mimic Hotmail Interface Design, URLLabels, Backgrounds, Edits, Layout, Etc, a must for designing simple and Effective Interfaces. - Simple Interface to an InfraRed Device, can Control some IRs, some new models are not supported.

Download log:
EAComps手工画报表.rar - EAComps手工画报表 对写报表编辑器有一定的参考价值
bbkj.rar - 很好的Delphi控件源码,关于报表控件,希望对大家有所帮助
Creport_v412.rar - Delphi报表设计器源代码,表格式报表处理系统 of DELPHI(Creport4.12)
PrintAtOnce.rar - 一个面向中文的小巧报表Delphi5支持。
20118279572440.rar - 睿豪报表封装源码 资源类别: Delphi源码¦报表 文件大小: 1845KB -,不错的delphi报表控件!顶一下!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Report Viewer for Delphi
stocksystem7.rar - delphi自带的报表,做的报表。delphi自带的报表,做的报表
JJRptMkr.rar - report maker for delphi - Preport component for delphi report
SourceCode.rar - 台账管理系统 对测量仪器的资料录入,查询。 - Banking system make in delphi, really basic,.source code included
GUIBank.rar - delphi写的银行系统(全部程序) 包括源码,form表,运行结果,可执行程序等全部文件
Banksmall.rar - 小银行系统,模拟银行系统 实现存款、取款、 查询余额 以及更多详细信息 ,能处理存取款及利息计算
校园自助银行系统.rar - 基于DELPHI+SQL的校园自助银行系统,功能齐全。
delphi_bank.rar - 银行系统程序,自动创建数据库和对应数据表,实现开户,存款,取款等业务. - FMA is a free1 powerful phone editing tool allowing users to easily manage all of the personal data stored in their phones, via a number of different connections methods. FMA allows easy management of Phonebook (both SIM and Phone memory), SMS, Profiles, and Files stored on the phone. FMA can also allow you to pickup and dial calls directly from your PC. FMA is fun and much more whatever you want it to be, it is whatever a mobile phone should have :-) (Currently based on Sony Ericsson T610 features set).
BlitzkasseSample.rar - Frontend, slideshow for a Cashier software written in Delphi
fgh.rar - 综合分析模块的主要功能是使用户可以自行设计统计报表、自行设计统计图表。 为使综合分析模块的功能更加完善,操作更加方便、灵活,采用一组office XP的构件。需要注意事项如下: 1需要安装office XP,才能正常使用。 2需要导入类库OWC10.DLL 3必需在Delphi5下才可以正常安装。 这组构件可以提供Excel表格的功能、提供图表功能、提供动态数据分析。这些功能是本模块必需的。缺点是需要安装office XP;
SmsServerSource.rar - 驱动手机发送短信的Delhi源代码,可以实现短信群发。