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qtphone-0.0.16.rar - QtPhone is a cross-platform telephone emulation application designed to be used with a PC, speakers, microphone, V.92 voice modem and a standard phone line. ISDN, xDSL and VoIP will be supported. Features include Caller Identification and Voice Mail. - This program was designed as a GUI client for the Asterisk PBX with Digium Zaptel cards and SIP VOIP hard or softphones as extensions, it could be adapted to other functions, but It was designed for Zap/SIP users. The program will run on X and Win32.
kphone-4.0.3.tar.gz - 基于SIP协议的视频聊天工具
cphone-0.3.1.rar - 一个基于h.323协议,QT界面的网络视频(voip)工具

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