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presentation_05.rar - this presentation is about the spin seedback effect
latex.rar - this is a short introduction on latex
CascadeMultilevel.rar - Simulation Study on Four-quadrant Cascade Multilevel Inverter Based on AC Voltage Sensorless Simple Cell
dtc2levelind.rar - example of the dtc of the induction motor using 2 levels inverter
passe_bande.rar - a simulation example of the passe bande filter
evm2407b.rar - a guide of the dsp tms320lf2407
neuralnetworkbasedspacevectorcontroller.rar - a svpwm based neural network of 3 level inverter
TutorialGuidMATLABCambridge.rar - a cours and tutorials of matlab combridge university
msdesim.rar - a detilled model and simulation of the double star induction machine
DTCessais.rar - a dtc algorithm of induction motor
svpwmvect.rar - a simulation of the svpwm of two levels inverters
mc68000.rar - a cours about the mc68000 microproceseor
windup.rar - a simulation example about te windup method in matlab
conv.zip - simulation of pwm converter
InductionMotorControl.rar - Design and Implementation of a Three Phase Induction Motor Control Scheme
svpwmcours.rar - Including Voltage Space Vector PWM in Undergraduate Courses
TP.rar - example of the fuzzy logic in simulation
dtc-kalman.rar - Speed-sensorless Direct Torque Control for Asynchronous Machine Based on Extended Kalman Filter
PWM_IGBT.rar - simulation of a single phase PWM inverter
cp.rar - a simulation describe how the extract the CP factor in wind turbines
powerelect.ZIP - a program discribe how the power electronic converters work ( in french)
pmsm.rar - a modele of the permant magnet synchronous machine
masvect.rar - vector controle of the induction machine
masscal.rar - scalar control of the induction machine
bibmas.rar - asunchronous machine biblio [correction]
masmli.rar - asynchronous machine with pwm
bibmas.rar - a complete biblio to control the asynchronous machine
bib_mas.rar - a complete biblio of the asynchronous machine
inverter.rar - matlab sumilink inverter with pwm
kal.rar - program tutorial of kalman filter using matlab 7.1
svpwm.rar - space vector pwm inverter by matlab .1
asy_s4.rar - simulation of induction motor torque diagramme
DTC.rar - a direct torque simulation of induction moteur with matlab 7.1
masda.rar - a complete model of the double star induction motor by matlab/simulink 7.1

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8._Selecting_the_appropriate_band_combination_AMN - selecting band combination of landsat imagery
sentinel2-downloader.zip - Python实现哨兵2数据下载,欧空局数据下载,哨兵2号卫星数据,自动下载。
Sentinel2_process.zip - 哨兵-2号数据处理教程,采用dos命令处理,包括大气校正、重采样等
利奇马.zip - 显示2019年的利奇马台风路径,使用GEE的云平台计算
GEE资料(1).rar - google earth engine 入门教程
GoogleEarthGPS.rar - Google_Earth_规划路径导入GPS 让开发者也可以使用谷歌地球的高级地图引擎了
qgis-earthengine-examples-master.zip - 地理信息处理和下载工具,基于QGIS 和GEE,希望对您有所帮助
2_basic_main_window.rar - QGIS二次开发例子,比较老的例子,用新版本的QGIS需要做一些修改,可以参考
QGIS-Text-Polygon-master.zip - QGIS plugin which auto generate polygon from text
qgis初级教程.rar - QGIS入门教程,简单易学的QGIS使用说明,让大家快速入手QGIS
QGIS-Code-Examples-master.zip - QGIS开发的demo,包括一些常用的QGIS demo源码
ImgViewer.zip - 基于QGIS的图像显示程序,只需配置pro文件中库路径即可编译通过,可做为QGIS二次开发初学者的示例程序
qgis-1.6.0_coding.rar - 这是学习QGIS好材料,希望学习QGis的人下载
AequilibraE-0.4.0.zip - This Add-on for QGIS is developed with the intention to provide transportation planning tools in a GIS environment This add-on is FREE and open source.
gearthview-2.0.beta9.zip - GEarthView plugin displays QGis view and features with attributes (selected layer) into Google Earth ( also PRO ). Tested on Windows, MacOSX and some Ubuntu Linux... - GoogleEarth needs to be installed.
Hzzy_QGIS_Dev-master.zip - QGIS二次开发样例。供学习和参考,是大家二次开发学习的主要手段
qwc2-demo-app-master.zip - QGIS Web Client 2 (QWC2) is a modular next generation responsive web client for QGIS Server, built with ReactJS and OpenLayers.
AequilibraE-0.5.1.zip - traffic assignment program for qgis
QGIS-Python-Programming-Cookbook.epub.zip - qgis 3.+ python epub