wanged8886wanged8886 2020-11-26 08:34:33
Description: Android input city weather information, demonstrates a basic weather forecast program implementation process, as shown in the chart, after the user to enter the city, click the query button, will show the city's weather information, including the weather condition (overview) and the temperature, humidity, wind, etc., and call the icon to display the corresponding weather information, weather information interface for Google weather API, for now, Google is blocked, so the program may not be able to run normally, but to learn the implementation process for Android network programming help.
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wanged8886wanged8886 2020-11-26 08:34:08
Description: Android analog to digital phone dialing interface and monitoring function, will create the ID of the array, a numeric Button to define an OnClickListener for the View of the internal interface, is responsible for monitoring the mouse click event, for the dial Button to add the listener, access to the phone number of the input, according to get the phone number of the dial create Intent, activate the Activity for the phone, there needs to be 0-9 number Button to create the listener, get the Button reference, get the EditText reference, also involves for all digital Button to add the listener: for (int ID: numButtonIds) {Button tempb = (Button) enclosing the findViewById (ID);/ / get button tempb setOnClickListener (numListener);/ / add to monitor}
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wanged8886wanged8886 2020-11-26 08:33:44
Description: Start with Android Service Service binding usage test, the Android source code demonstrates how to start and stop the specified Android system services, how to Bind Server binding Service and how to unBind unbundling services Server, and use the NotificationManager to pop-up message processing dialog box.
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wanged8886wanged8886 2020-11-26 08:33:38
Description: Android custom ImageAdapter constructor, finger control pictures about sliding effect, sample need to use more class class, introduced one by one, please.Implementation of the principle is to add a ImageAdapter and set to the Gallery objects, to set a itemclickListener and Toast by click on the location of the image, and then rewrite the BaseAdapter custom ImageAdapter class, create ImageAdapter constructor, obtains the Gallery attribute Index id, let objects styleable attribute can be used repeatedly, covering methods getCount, return number of images, the method of covering getItemId, return the array of image id, construct an Integer array and preload Drawable photo id.This example realize picture sliding function can be used for android gallery, photo albums, display in the APP.
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wanged8886wanged8886 2020-11-26 08:33:12
Description: An open, run WeChat applet Web MINA framework, under the source node_modules folders, integrates many WeChat development under the framework of MINA class libraries, give you a helping hand when WeChat development, test project is simpler, interested can download the source code.
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wanged8886wanged8886 2020-11-26 08:33:04
Description: WeChat mobile end work order management applet source code, for enterprise users using a small program, customer service lets users through this APP to submit work orders to the background, and check the processing status in the program.First write WeChat small program, there are a lot of places not perfect, only can be used as a learning example reference, interested in their perfect, simple interface, single function, test run results as shown in the screenshot.
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wanged8886wanged8886 2020-11-26 08:32:58
Description: A WeChat applet environment to run the household mall kind of small programs, to share a WeChat public as universal town mall small application, mobile terminal mall source code, function modules: mall homepage, pictures show the special effects, shopping cart, user center, product classification browsing, etc.Directory structure: - images - store project pictures - pages - storage project's page documents - style - independent WXSS style file, it introduced the import - utils - storage utils files, can be introduced the require of writing WeChat v0.9.092300 web developer tools
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wanged8886wanged8886 2020-11-26 08:32:51
Description: A pretty simple WeChat electricity general small program examples, this small program pay more attention to let developers focus on front-end UI and interaction, grab the data from the dry camp API, realized the data request, the list shows, the drop-down refresh, drop-down load more, etc., the directory structure: - style - where independent WXCSS files, it introduced the import - image - storage project's image - pages - project page documents - service - where the service files, it introduced the require - utils - storage utils files, can be introduced the require
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wanged8886wanged8886 2020-11-26 08:32:44
Description: Delphi to draw a gradient background to form, here to use the Canvas in the Delphi. Brush. The background Color for window gradients, all right?Such as figure around the gradient effect, implementation code: for I: = 0 to the self. The Width of 1 do begin c1: = GetRValue (StartColor) Trunc (I * (GetRValue (EndColor) - GetRValue (StartColor))/(self. The Width - 1));C2: = GetGValue (StartColor) Trunc (I * (GetGValue (EndColor) - GetGValue (StartColor))/(self. The Width - 1));C3: = GetBValue (StartColor) Trunc (I * (GetBValue (EndColor) - GetBValue (StartColor))/(self. The Width - 1));Canvas. Brush. Color: = RGB (c1, c2 and c3);/ / in rectangular brush color Dct: = the Rect (I, 0, 1, I self, Height);/ / Canvas. Each brush painting of rectangle FillRect (Dct);/ / fill color end;
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wanged8886wanged8886 2020-11-26 08:32:32
Description: Delphi access path way to get round forms, realize a nonrectangular Windows, can be said to be an irregular window, the window of the circular, the title bar, status bar, and window closes the action buttons are not mailed.The basic implementation approach of circular window is based on a path to create irregular form, and then set the window to transparent mode, the part of the code is as follows: dc: = self. Canvas. Handle;BeginPath (dc);/ / according to the path to create irregular form SetBkMode (dc, TRANSPARENT);/ / set to transparent mode the Ellipse (dc, 20,20,220,220);EndPath (dc);Region: = PathToRegion (dc);SetWindowRgn (self. Handle, region, TRUE);The end;
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wanged8886wanged8886 2020-11-26 08:32:14
Description: Delphi database shown in TListView, simple usage of the ListView control, in the daily programming development, the more commonly used.The self. The ListView1. ViewStyle: = vsReport;For I: = 0 to Query1. Do FieldCount - 1 the begin TempColumn: = the self. The ListView1. Columns. The Add;TempColumn. Caption: = Query1. Fields [I] FieldName.The end;Query1. First;While not Query1. Eof do begin TempItem: = self. ListView1. Items. The Add;TempItem. Caption: = Query1. Fields. [0] AsString;For I: = 1 to Query1. Do begin TempItem FieldCount - 1. SubItems. Add (Query1. Fields [I] AsString) are identical.The end;Query1. Next;The end;
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wanged8886wanged8886 2020-11-26 08:32:08
Description: Delphi 7 images in the database access, the example code, early face image format as BMP, JPG, GIF image format, such as did not do the test, perhaps can also.Example, four images saved to the database, then the program will output from the database of these pictures, through the operation of the program, you simply select the corresponding images, can be read from the database to take out the corresponding pictures.
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wanged8886wanged8886 2020-11-26 08:32:01
Description: Delphi to create transparent image effect form, this example is to demonstrate actual call transparent image and display effect, use the no borders and made into a transparent window, when producing need to set the window to the Desktop.Best picture is transparent to BMP or PNG format, such as the picture shows, will be displayed as a transparent window without borders, no part of the image will display the contents of the window below, demonstrated a make a transparent window.
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:31:38
Description: C pop-up mode window shows the progress bar, this source code to copy the file shows that the function of the progress bar to demonstrate the creation of a pop-up window and setting method, in order to demonstrate is convenient, the code also defines the function of copy the file, return to the higher level directory of function, the definition and the formation of the progress bar in the pop-up window, code, and comments are also very rich, believe to C learners to understand the progress bar and do some good to the use of the pop-up window.
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:31:14
Description: C in the listView custom icon imageList list, in fact is the list of listView to create an image list, we can make this type will be some menu items, style show operation option to target, in this instance you may be familiar with the imageList and listView1 list items to add and delete.These are the key code: listView1 LargeImageList = imageList1;ImageList1. ImageSize = new Size 37 (4);ImageList1. Images. The Add (Image. FromFile (" 01. PNG "));Call icon is displayed Image resources imageList1. Images. The Add (Image. FromFile (" 02. PNG "));ListView1. SmallImageList = imageList1;ListView1. Items. The Add (" tomorrow's science and technology ");ICONS below shows the text listView1. Items. The Add (" C programming dictionary ");ListView1. Items [0]. ImageIndex = 0;ListView1. Items [1]. ImageIndex = 1;
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:30:55
Description: C use the tabControl create forms TAB TAB effect, everyone is familiar with the function of this example is the foundation, for beginners C, the following is the core to realize the function code: private void Form1_Load (object sender, EventArgs e) {tabControl1. ImageList = imageList1;TabPage1. ImageIndex = 0;TabPage1. Text = "TAB 1";TabPage2. ImageIndex = 0;TabPage2. Text = "TAB 2";} this TAB running effect, please see the screenshot, complete source code, please download.
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:30:49
Description: C listBox value added to the Textbox control, input any content in the listBox, click the Add button to Add the content to the Textbox Text box, according to the value will also be removed from the listBox: Add value: listBox1. Items. The Add (textBox1. Text);TextBox1. Text = "";Remove the value from the listBox: listBox1. Items. Remove (listBox1. SelectedItem);
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:30:43
Description: C check the CheckBox check box control is selected, or to determine whether a user click the CheckBox button, can be used to input from the user interface, this example provides a complete check box judgment mechanism, has the need to refer to the following code: private void checkBox1_Click (object sender, EventArgs e) {if (checkBox1. CheckState = = CheckState. Checked) {MessageBox. Show (" CheckBox controls selected ");} else {MessageBox. Show (" CheckBox controls to select cancelled ");}}
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:30:23
Description: C housing intermediary system document source code, this is a book of example, from tomorrow's science and technology, the housing intermediary system can be easily extended to a powerful intermediary system, and is not limited to the mediation of the building.System functions: user information management, price management, employee information, lease management, cost management, business statistics, common tools, system management, etc.The housing intermediary system interface is also very good, a bit of a professional fan, a tree on the left menu, etc.
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:29:54
Description: C port scanning procedures, suitable for local area network (LAN) a computer scanning, scan will traverse in the local area network (LAN) working group, and the computer name to display in the drop-down list control, the user can specify a computer port scanning range.Workgroup name, iterate through all the computer name in the specified working group, and displayed in the ListBox control: / / instantiate DirectoryEntry object, in order to get the LAN group name and computer name DirectoryEntry DEMain = new DirectoryEntry (" WinNT: ");TcpClient TClient = null;/ / instantiate a listener object private connection Thread myThread;/ / instantiate the thread object string strName = "";/ / record select the computer name of int intflag = 0;/ / scan to port int intport = 0;/ / records have used port int intstart = 0;/ / the beginning of the scan port int intend = 0;/ / the end of the scanning port details, please download the source code.
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:29:36
Description: C open drag and drop images and tiling window background, choose a picture drag the window (actually don't have to drag in this program, as long as the selected images more than 2 seconds), you can display the image in a window.At time of writing a program, don't forget to add two of the more important namespace: using System. IO;/ / to manipulate using the file System. When;/ / thread programs at the same time, the program also custom images and file operations class: the background of the form shown by drag and drop images, add by drag and drop to the TreeView control folder directory, return to the higher level directory, display the name of the folder all subfolders and files, access to all files and folders in the folder, and of judgment, the single FileSystemInfo if the folder is the recursive operations, etc., these classes can be used in other C program development.
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:29:11
Description: Demonstration of Android Layout method using source code, this example demonstrates how to use FrameLayout, how to use RelativeLayout, how to use RelativeLayout and LinearLayout and examples of how to use a TableLayout, are very practical, with more at ordinary times, but comparative basis, ground Android programming reference sample, the sample after the operation, click the corresponding button, demonstrates the corresponding function.
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:29:01
Description: Implement custom in Android multiple Button Dialog popup Dialog, demonstrated with two Button Dialog Dialog (confirm and cancel), has three buttons Dialog (link) confirming cancellation, and other information, can be input Dialog box and schedule (display is processing the circle Loading Dialog box).
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:28:55
Description: Android based sample components use skills, more than most of these components is closely related to daily Android programming, and more time is an essential element of the UI, the essential elements control includes the following contents: AutoCompleteTextView, CheckBox, CopyOfTimePicker, DatePicker, EditText, GridView, ImageButton, ImageShow, ImageView, ProgressBar, RadioGroup, RatingBar, SeekBar, Spinner, Tab, TimePicker, ViewText.
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:28:41
Description: Android Notification message box Toast pop-up box usage examples demonstrate, this case presentation on Toast pop-up, demonstrates timely Toast Toast, and a long time, about the definition of Notification, it demonstrates the use of the advanced Notification, the custom of four kinds of Notification usage: take the Notification, vibration Notification of sound, sound vibration of the Notification, the Notification, the seemingly simple some Notification of application, the actual is often used in everyday coding.Demonstrate the specific function of each Notification and Toast, please download the source code, after running the APK, as shown in the results.
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:28:35
Description: Android image zooming operation example, click the corresponding Button, can be enlarged or reduced to an image display, the implementation steps are: probably get size, screen resolution is highly to deduct the Button below to get to the screen height, define an onClickListener narrow Button and an onClickListener zoom Button to monitor events, and then define the resizing images and pictures amplification method respectively, set the resizing images and enlarge the proportion of, calculate the proportion of each operation to reduce or enlarge, if is the first time, just delete the original default ImageView, if not the first time, just delete the last ImageView produced by zoom, generate new ImageView, Bitmap object that is put in the reSize again in the Layout, to note here, because the picture into the biggest zoom Button will disable, when narrow so reset to enable him, also to determine the amplification: if put more than the screen size, put the Button to disable.
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:28:28
Description: A simple example of a search for files in the Android system, functions and Windows search files are similar, but implementation is a big difference: the first load the main. The XML Layout, initialize object: mKeyword = (EditText) the findViewById (R.i d.m Keyword).MButton = (Button) the findViewById (R.i d.m Button).MResult = (TextView) the findViewById (R.i d.m Result);Then define a method that will add an onClickListener mButton, obtain input key word, and then create a search for files method: private String searchFile (String keyword) {String result = "";The File files [] = new File ("/"). ListFiles ();For (File f: files) {if (f.g etName (). The indexOf (keyword) > = 0) {result = f.g etPath ()"
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:28:16
Description: Android image manipulation, using Matrix. PostRotate method rotating images, the image format is BMP, maybe other formats can also be used, not testing, rotating the effect of BMP images as shown in the screenshot, the user clicks on the button to the left or right, images rotated 90 degrees, rotation Angle according to your need to customize.Rotation method is mainly used for the Matrix postRotate, spinning process to keep the proportion of the original images, implementation approach and left rotating images, for example: just running program, to load the default Drawable, set to maintain the image of proportion, ScaleTimes = 1, maintain a 1:1 high, wide use Matrix. PostScale set dimensions, using Matrix. The rotating Bitmap postRotate method, and then create a new Bitmap object.Spin to the right is similarly, please download the source code package.
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:28:10
Description: Android small example: to obtain the system information file browser, can realize the following functions: file system, file browser, operating system version, read/proc/version information, system information, system information of mobile phone equipment, operator information, mobile phone network operator information, running background services, the task of running, the running process, operators and system information, CPU, hard disk, memory and other hardware information, has been installed software information, runtime information, disk information, network information, display information, etc.
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mounaaiwva21mounaaiw 2020-11-26 08:28:03
Description: Android position information, the use of getLatitude ();GetLongitude ();To get the location information, display the current location information, if run on the phone, can timely show the latitude and longitude, I test is run on the virtual machine, a lack of GPS module, so did not show the latitude and longitude.This example is simple, running effect as shown in the screenshot.
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