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Description: The set {1,2,3,.... n} of n elements can be divided into several non empty subsets. For example, when n is 4, the set {1,2,3,4} can be divided into 15 different non empty subsets. Given the positive integers n and m, the set {1,2,3,... N} of n elements can be divided into many different sets composed of M non empty subsets
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Description: An important branch of solid mechanics, it studies the deformation and internal force of elastic objects under the action of external forces and other external factors, also known as elastic theory. It is the basis of material mechanics, structural mechanics, plastic mechanics and some interdisciplinary subjects, widely used in construction, machinery, chemical industry, aerospace and other engineering fields.
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Description: Least square method to calculate coordinate transformation parameters with orthomorphic change
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Description: PPT explanation of coordinate transformation
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Description: FPGA implementation of Modbus communication protocol Authors Yu Zhenglin Zhang Long Huang Yong "Modern Electronic Technology" 2010-11 203-207, 5 pages Modbus protocol is a widely used industrial fieldbus protocol. In view of its simplicity, openness, and compact frame format, it officially became China's national standard in 2008. This paper introduces a method of implementing Modbus RTU mode through Cyclone series FPGA. First, a protocol interface unit that can be commonly used for Modbus master and slave devices is given, and then a universal Modbus slave device coprocessor is designed based on this interface. Practice has proved that the method can meet the communication requirements of industrial environments. In addition, the method has certain generality and promotion value on other FPGAs. Keywords MODBUS RTU FPGA VHDL
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Description: This book is a comprehensive learning guide for learning natural language processing. It introduces how to implement various NLP tasks in Python to help readers create projects based on real life applications.
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Description: Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 7th Edition Solutions to Review Questions and Problems
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Description: Simulink tutorial, simple operation of Simulink module
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Description: Confidence interval of normal distribution
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Description: Using ABAQUS display algorithm, the loss fracture criterion is introduced to calculate metal fracture behavior
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Description: This book is written for programmers and technical managers who are interested in improving the quality of their code. The rules introduced in the book are all from the author's many years of practical experience, covering many aspects of programming from naming to refactoring. Although it's a "family", it's worth learning.
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