Arsy 2021-04-19 14:52:33
Description: This folder provides the Matlab files of Golaycodes based on the visible light communication system.
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Description: Again a further token story
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评价狮子 2021-02-15 16:21:19
Description: SBCL is a mostly-conforming implementation of the ANSI Common Lisp standard. This manual focuses on behavior which is specific to SBCL, not on behavior which is common to all implementations of ANSI Common Lisp.
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Meseret 2021-02-14 23:41:21
Description: Vienna Ab initio Simulation Package (VASP) of Transition State Tools Scripts (TST), commonly called VTST.
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samlist 2021-01-04 21:36:56
Description: This book will lead readers to make a language compiler from scratch. The author specially designed the C language for this book, which can be said to be a subset of C language and realizes the main part of C language including pointer operation. The compiler implemented in this book is the compiler of C language. It is a real compiler, not a toy with many restrictions. In addition, in addition to the compiler, this book has mentioned the running environment of the compiler centered programming language, that is, compiler, assembler, linker, hardware, runtime environment, etc., and introduced all aspects of program running.
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 8255KB | Downloads: 1
samlist 2021-01-04 21:34:59
Description: This book covers all advanced topics in the design and implementation of modern microprocessor compilers. This book first introduces the compiler structure, symbol table management, intermediate code structure, runtime support and other issues, discusses various methods of control flow analysis, data flow analysis, dependency analysis and alias analysis in the process, and introduces a series of global optimization. Next, we talk about how to improve the analysis and control of inter process information flow. Then, we discuss the optimization technology of using hierarchical storage system effectively. Finally, four commercial compiler systems are introduced in detail to provide special examples of compiler structure, intermediate code design, optimization strategy and effect.
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 25875KB | Downloads: 1
samlist 2021-01-04 21:27:48
Description: This paper describes the components of modern compiler, including lexical analysis, syntax analysis, abstract syntax, semantic checking, intermediate code representation, instruction selection, data flow analysis, register allocation and runtime system. The book is divided into two parts. The first part is the basic knowledge of compilation, which is suitable for the first course of principles of compilation (one semester); the second part is advanced topics, including object-oriented language and functional language, garbage collection, loop optimization, SSA (static single valued) form, loop scheduling, storage structure optimization, etc., which are suitable for subsequent courses or graduate teaching. The book provides students with an internship project written in C language, including front-end and back-end design. Students can create a fully functional compiler in a semester.
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