zhangst 2021-04-20 21:33:35
Description: Modeling related examples, mathematical modeling textbooks, including a variety of mathematical models, easy to understand and practical use
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p4h7 2021-04-20 09:24:46
Description: C language common problems analysis, understand and solve C language compilation process problems.
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p4h7 2021-04-20 09:20:48
Description: C8051 C language learning applications, teach you how to quickly learn to master the knowledge of C8051.
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p4h7 2021-04-20 09:13:33
Description: C language textbook analysis, teach you how to quickly learn to master the knowledge of C language
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qet1593571 2021-04-20 08:58:29
Description: the e-book for python
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long45 2021-04-19 19:12:52
Description: another advice for writing articles
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long45 2021-04-19 19:12:17
Description: some advice for writing articles
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long45 2021-04-19 19:11:16
Description: advice for writing articles
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bttg 2021-04-19 16:50:20
Description: Python for Everybody, a simple guide for beginners.
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得或 2021-04-18 23:36:30
Description: This book combines the primary course of data structure with discrete mathematics in the way of traditional computer science course, and comprehensively expounds the theoretical basis of computer science. This book uses algorithms, data abstraction and other core ideas throughout all topics, from the mechanization of abstract concepts to the establishment of various data models, giving good consideration to the breadth and depth of the subject, helping readers to cultivate the overall situation of the computer field and learn the true knowledge of computer science.
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爱看书记得哈 2021-04-18 21:41:20
Description: Introduction to PCB Foundation
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pppmatlab 2021-04-18 16:25:45
Description: "Electric Drive Automatic Control System" third edition (Chen Boshi) after-school answers, and answers to after-school exercises, the third edition
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若初xujw 2021-04-17 17:31:24
Description: Python reference book
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若初xujw 2021-04-17 17:29:47
Description: Python reference book
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若初xujw 2021-04-17 17:25:00
Description: Python reference book
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若初xujw 2021-04-17 17:18:10
Description: Python reference book
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Bibliobatman 2021-04-17 03:24:52
Description: Personalization, pc, windows,
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Description: Some packaged novels and articles can be downloaded if you want to read them
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zcyzcbzzth 2021-04-15 17:13:40
Description: This book details some of the latest technologies in 5g systems, from millimeter wave to 3d-mimo. It's worth reading for the students who study communication.
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青铜锁丶 2021-04-15 13:52:43
Description: Radar System Analysis and Design (MATLAB) (third edition) Zhou Wanxing et al. Translated 2016.pdf, different from other online versions, manually add catalog labels, easy to read
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Description: this is presentation on virus
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Description: witcher 5 electronic book
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Description: witcher 3 electronic book
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danster 2021-04-14 07:53:22
Description: books for ECE books
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zanchin 2021-04-13 20:47:59
Description: About the special and general relativity theory (common understanding)
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zanchin 2021-04-13 20:37:07
Description: John Horton is a programming and gaming enthusiast based in the UK. He has a assion for writing apps, games, books, and blog articles. He is the founder School.
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jdblf 2021-04-12 19:43:01
Description: This paper is edited by Lu Yi and Lai Jie. It mainly introduces the principle, technology and application of digital system design, including the basic design idea, design method and design steps of digital system, VHDL hardware description language, PLD structure, etc,
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炫哲 2021-04-12 14:06:23
Description: Tensorflow related books, introduces the usage and principle of tensorflow, is a good introductory book
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寻常3654 2021-04-11 18:14:29
Description: C language programming Based on the cultivation of Computational Thinking Zeng Zhiyong electronic teaching plan PPT version
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