cttboy 2018-12-09 06:21:55
Description: STM8S003F has only one serial port, and two serial ports are needed in the project, so IO port is used to simulate a serial port. This program is also given by the manager, after testing can be used, but need to read the program patiently, understand the idea of the serial program, can correctly read and write the temperature value of the serial temperature sensor.
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 6KB | Downloads: 0
cttboy 2018-12-09 06:18:03
Description: The Chinese reference of stm8s library function can generate the usage code of each module of stm8s series. It can generate the code to realize the corresponding functions according to its own settings, including clock management, general input and output ports, analog-to-digital converter, external interrupt control, inter-chip bus interface, independent watchdog, timer and general asynchronism. Transceiver and other configuration procedures.
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 95KB | Downloads: 0
笙沐 2018-12-06 21:44:15
Description: Hall device is a kind of magnetic sensor. They can be used to detect magnetic fields and their changes, and can be used in various magnetic field-related situations. Hall effect is the basis of Hall device.
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 2866KB | Downloads: 0
hansonzhu 2018-11-30 15:19:35
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 3339KB | Downloads: 0
woodsT 2018-11-29 21:04:21
Description: AT command Cape of M35GPRS module
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 7504KB | Downloads: 0
shikghappy 2018-11-27 18:01:32
Description: CLAA141WB05A CPT LVDS TFT LCD Datasheet
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shikghappy 2018-11-27 17:56:58
Description: BOE HV070WSA-1007-inch IPS LVDS TFT LCD Screen Information
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zijun4021 2018-11-27 14:52:31
Description: ESP8266 user manual
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独自买醉 2018-11-27 11:23:21
Description: DS series chip data, easy to query when related programming.
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独自买醉 2018-11-27 11:17:51
Description: AT24 memory related data files, easy to access when programming.
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独自买醉 2018-11-27 11:15:34
Description: Documentation of 40 series and 45 series integrated chips makes it easy to configure correctly when programming encounters related chips.
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木子李228 2018-11-26 20:18:13
Description: TL16C554 Chinese Manual ,The structure and usage of TL16C554 are introduced in detail.
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源先生 2018-11-12 09:42:43
Description: Original specification for PIC18F26K22
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芥末凉面 2018-11-07 11:03:55
Description: hv2901 datasheet. 16 way 32 switch control chip.
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NIU2018 2018-10-31 14:30:01
Description: SX1276 schematic diagram, circuit diagram and related information
Plat: Others | Size: 1333KB | Downloads: 2
pattywu 2018-10-24 13:57:54
Description: The OV2640 CAMERACHIPTM is a low voltage CMOS image sensor that provides the full functionality of a single-chip UXGA (1632x1232) camera and image processor in a small footprint package. The OV2640 provides full-frame, sub-sampled, scaled or windowed 8-bit/10-bit images in a wide range of formats, controlled through the Serial Camera Control Bus (SCCB) interface.
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initios 2018-10-13 20:17:26
Description: documents for ISP 3A TDE Cipher of Hi3516A/D
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initios 2018-10-13 20:12:55
Description: Hi3518EV20X Hi3516CV200 HD IP Camera Soc
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哎呀123456 2018-10-12 13:02:40
Description: JEDEC wide IO SDR spec, good study for wide IO
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 1019KB | Downloads: 0
哎呀123456 2018-10-12 12:21:36
Description: DDR3 spec JEDEC, good sepc for study ddr3
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 4227KB | Downloads: 1
哎呀123456 2018-10-12 12:18:29
Description: LPDDR2 spec, good spec for study LPDDR2
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 5154KB | Downloads: 0
哎呀123456 2018-10-12 12:16:22
Description: LPDDR3 spec, good spec for study LPDDR3
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 1860KB | Downloads: 2
哎呀123456 2018-10-12 12:10:27
Description: JEDEC DDR4 spec, good spec for understanding and studying DDR4
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 3362KB | Downloads: 3
2018-10-11 14:27:30
Description: The ALS31300 triaxial hall effect sensor IC provides a 12-bit digital output word, which is proportional to the strength of each X, Y and Z axis in the field.ALS31300 combines the I2C interface to easily integrate into a variety of applications.
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 904KB | Downloads: 0
2018-10-11 12:51:52
Description: The PCM1791A is a monolithic CMOS integrated circuit that includes stereo digital-to-analog converters and support circuitry in a small 28-lead SSOP packageSampling rates up to 200 kHz are supported. A full set of user-programmable functions is accessible through an SPI or I2C serial control port, which supports register write and readback functions.
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 333KB | Downloads: 0
奔跑111 2018-10-09 08:58:41
Description: Stm8s Chinese reference manual, a Chinese reference manual for easy viewing of stm8s chips.
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 3757KB | Downloads: 0
xx741747 2018-09-26 16:25:32
Description: C9631 Datasheet, English version, there is a need for self-lifting
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xx741747 2018-09-26 16:22:01
Description: C9631 datasheet, Chinese version, you can find out
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xx741747 2018-09-26 16:18:43
Description: C96xx series radio ic programming guide, Chinese, very detailed
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xx741747 2018-09-26 16:12:56
Description: c9631 shource code, add disable watchdog
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