zanchin 2021-04-13 20:23:43
Description: Trace display, FAS event table, integrated trace display with event information window, header page measurement parameters, ASCII report
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nxmq 2021-04-08 04:26:50
Description: Road vehicles - Controller area network (CAN) - Part 1: Data link layer and physical signalling
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nxmq 2021-04-08 04:21:23
Description: Road vehicles - Controller area network (CAN) - Part 2: High-speed medium access unit
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nxmq 2021-04-08 04:19:17
Description: Road vehicles - Controller area network (CAN) - Part 3: Low-speed, fault-tolerant, medium-dependent interface
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nxmq 2021-04-08 04:17:57
Description: Road vehicles - Controller area network (CAN) - Part 4: Time-triggered communication
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nxmq 2021-04-08 04:14:19
Description: ISO 11898-5:2007 Road vehicles - Controller area network (CAN) - 5: High-speed medium access unit with low-power mode
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元某人 2021-04-01 19:13:47
Description: Huawei's C programming specification
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zhoufan 2021-01-25 15:53:54
Description: vxworks application learn
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zhoufan 2021-01-25 11:52:33
Description: rapidio Chinese agreement
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CrazyICer 2020-12-28 14:08:05
Description: Axi, or AMBA's Chinese standard specification, was jointly developed by Xilinx and arm
Plat: PDF | Size: 1070KB | Downloads: 3
prometheus92 2020-12-21 15:40:23
Description: Military standard software development related documents, including development, testing, acceptance, maintenance, verification and other stages of general requirements, as well as security analysis, document management, configuration management, version management, quality assurance and other aspects of the content GJB z142-2004 military software security analysis guide.pdf GJB z141-2004 military software test guide.pdf GJB z115-1998 GJB 2786 "weapon system software development" tailoring guide.pdf GJB 2786a-2009 General requirements for military software development.pdf GJB 1268a-2004 military software acceptance requirements.pdf GJB 5716-2006 General requirements for military software development library, controlled library and product library.pdf GJB 5235-2004 military software configuration management.pdf GJB 5234-2004 military software verification and validation.pdf GJB 5000-2003 military software capability maturity model.df ...
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xxixiixix 2020-12-04 10:25:15
Description: The general service agreement of the power system was proposed by the union of power enterprises of China. It stipulated the system structure, interaction method, service original language and communication agreement of the general service of the power system.
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湖畔清茶 2020-11-16 10:06:01
Description: GBT 29264-2012 information-technology-service category and code
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wellsyan 2020-10-18 21:14:32
Description: FMC is the abbreviation of FPGA mezzanine card, which is used to connect FPGA IO and communication components. The reconfigurable IO pins of FPGA are connected with other FMC sub cards. The signal integrity can guarantee the signal communication up to several g / bps. It follows the ANSI / VITA 57 standard.
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我一直在寻找 2020-09-26 08:57:00
Description: Calculation of the number of drainage well points in group wells Calculation parameters: W - total drainage required to reduce groundwater level (B3) TP - drainage time required to reach the predetermined drawdown level (C3) - interference coefficient of well group, generally taken as 0.24-0.33 (E3) QS drainage capacity of single well (D3)
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我一直在寻找 2020-09-26 08:55:30
Description: Calculation of seepage well diameter Calculation parameters: KH permeability coefficient of aquifer material (G3) HJ - water depth in well (B3) HD - the height of groundwater level higher than the bottom of well (C3) Ro seepage well radius (F3)
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我一直在寻找 2020-09-26 08:52:51
Description: 1. Discharge energy of blind ditch 2. Calculation of discharge capacity of tunnel (pipe) trench
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我一直在寻找 2020-09-26 08:49:48
Description: Discharge calculation of underground drainage ditch 1. Judging the condition of ditch bottom 2. Calculation of groundwater infiltration into one side of trench wall per unit length Condition 1: it is suitable for the trench bottom to be set on or within the impervious layer, and the transverse slope of the impervious layer is small (i.e., assuming that the natural flow velocity of groundwater is close to zero)
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马山子 2020-09-09 16:46:40
Description: Part 1 point of sale terminal (POS) application specification
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空下这个座 2020-08-28 14:30:02
Description: CTA-861-G A DTV Profile for Uncompressed High Speed Digital Interfaces
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yzyz022 2020-08-10 10:36:55
Description: AC 25-11A Human factors involved in the use of transport aircraft
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b3auj5r7tf 2020-07-18 00:16:03
Description: PCI Express miniCard rev 1.2
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kindlebalada123 2020-07-04 09:54:31
Description: The design spectrum curve and data are obtained by inputting seismic grouping data
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horseplay 2020-06-18 18:35:56
Description: GB 3836.6-2004 Electrical equipment for explosive gas atmospheres Part 06 Oil-filled type
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horseplay 2020-06-18 18:34:54
Description: GB 3836.5-2004 Electrical equipment for explosive gas atmospheres Part 05 Positive pressure type
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horseplay 2020-06-18 18:33:55
Description: GB 3836.3-2000 Electrical equipment for explosive gas atmospheres Part 03 Increased safety
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horseplay 2020-06-18 18:33:16
Description: GB 3836.2-2000 Electrical equipment for explosive gas atmospheres Part 02 Structure and test of flameproof enclosure of electrical equipment
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fineSalt 2020-05-03 17:34:34
Description: When downloading applications such as endnote, you can use the
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阿龙961109 2020-04-23 12:27:01
Description: The document of TP 38.901 was originally intended to find a connection in the development network, and then it went to 3GPP to get the latest one
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DKlimax 2020-04-16 05:05:00
Description: Intel's specification of CNR slot.
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