q风q 2018-01-13 16:02:47
Description: SQLite, a lightweight database, is a relational database management system that complied with ACID, which is included in a relatively small C library. It is a public domain project established by D.RichardHipp. Its design goal is embedded, and it has been used in many embedded products. It occupies very low resources. In embedded devices, it may only need hundreds of K of memory. It can support the mainstream Windows/Linux/Unix operating system and so on, and can combine with many programming languages, such as Tcl, C#, PHP, Java, and ODBC interface, as compared to the world famous Mysql database management system, PostgreSQL two of the source, the processing speed is faster than they.
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凯达 2017-11-28 09:31:52
Description: Instance of operating Sqlite
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