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Description: This book is the second edition of the best-selling book "SQL basic course". It introduces the use of relational database and SQL language used to operate relational database. Through abundant diagrams, a large number of sample programs and detailed operation steps, the book enables readers to master the basic knowledge and skills of SQL step by step, so as to improve their programming ability. Exercises are set at the end of each chapter to help readers test their understanding of each chapter. In addition, this book also summarizes the important knowledge points as "rules", which is convenient for readers to consult at any time. In addition to updating the sample program to the SQL corresponding to the * new DB, version 2 also added a chapter on how to execute SQL from the application.
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Description: Practice using string processing functions and the use of case when
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Description: Exce7 Answer to SSD7 Database System of Carnegie Mellon University
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Description: Share a perfect butterfly indicator, verified with a real disk
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Description: LINEAGE 1.82c Modify the version yourself
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Description: The filename of the interception of the directory
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Description: the answer of postgre ssd7 ex9
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