szc12334 2018-06-17 07:53:29
Description: We have come to the age of information. The news spreads very fast with the development of Internet. As a result, being famous can be very easy. Many young stars gain a lot of public attention by joining the live shows. Their companies seize every chance to let them earn fame and money, so these young stars continually show in the screen, and ignore of receiving comment by unprofessional acting. As they are young, they need to slow down their pace and try to be more professional.
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ranke 2018-06-16 12:50:12
Description: network request volley framwork for web socket source.
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VIOLET火花 2018-04-28 09:07:44
Description: 1. project requirements E - commerce system (online shopping) 1) user management Login, registration, mailbox confirmation, registration success prompt, login check 2) product browsing Main interface, class browsing interface, product detailed interface, etc. 3) shopping cart Purchase, delete, restore, change amount, amount statistics, list display, etc. 4) order creation Confirm the order, fill in the order receipt address, create a successful hint. 2. Technology Architecture Based on MVC design, layered structure development. 1) stratified structure: Presentation layer (V): JSP, JS, Ajax (recommended jQuery), EL, Struts2 Tags Control layer (C): (main) Struts2 controller, Action (sub controller) Business layer (M): JavaBean implementation Data access (persistent layer) (M): DAO component JQuery+Struts2+JDBC Technology
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落点 2017-09-16 15:10:58
Description: The mqtt client releases and pushes messages to receive new messages in real time
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