heello—— 2020-12-09 16:49:33
Description: Calculation of definite integral by longberg algorithm
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Zovonoir 2020-10-30 10:01:51
Description: Audio convolution, modify the suffix name to 7z, implementation method of audio convolution in digital signal, explanation and examples
Plat: Mathematica | Size: 10082KB | Downloads: 0
MF_MengXS 2020-10-08 13:47:44
Description: Angular scanning spectra of circularly polarized light and linearly polarized light passing through a rotating polarizer
Plat: Mathematica | Size: 150KB | Downloads: 3
nutri 2020-09-24 00:25:27
Description: Classs notes for laser class for betterment laser articulation simulation
Plat: Mathematica | Size: 209KB | Downloads: 0
binye 2020-08-25 21:16:36
Description: Using Mathematica to carry out higher mathematics course experiment, including calculus basic calculation, cycloid, prime distribution, nature is exploration, how big the factorial of N, etc. This book source code is suitable for Mathematica version 6.0 or above, some source code due to the same parameter name, re run to get the real results. This code is for reference only.
Plat: Others | Size: 24539KB | Downloads: 1
LuKaChen 2020-08-11 10:41:53
Description: Graph theory solution is better than closed loop adjustment method. Closed loop adjustment method, i.e. closed loop method, is the last step of the table operation method. It is a method to determine whether the solution is the optimal solution after finding an initial feasible solution of the transportation problem. It was first used in the management of transport economic departments. It was mainly used to adjust the traffic volume on the basis of chart operation and select the best management scheme.
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冰星笙歌 2020-08-06 10:14:18
Description: The problem to be solved in the algorithm of this question is mainly: find the Newton interpolation polynomial and cubic spline interpolation polynomial, including detailed documentation and complete code.
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友人A喜欢秀 2020-07-31 14:49:19
Description: epsilon function of Ag caculated by drude model
Plat: Mathematica | Size: 8KB | Downloads: 0
天天开心1234 2020-06-23 10:25:17
Description: Sparse decomposition blind source separation, applied to bearing fault diagnosis, speech processing
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阳西18 2020-06-04 01:13:07
Description: Deployment
Plat: matlab | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 1
cdyhjj 2020-05-16 09:57:44
Description: With the help of Mathematica programming, a two degree of freedom dynamic vibration absorber model is compiled, which has been optimized by H 2 to minimize the area
Plat: Mathematica | Size: 85KB | Downloads: 1
小荷丶 2020-05-13 11:14:55
Description: An example of Markov information source entropy calculation
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目垂 2020-04-19 01:01:59
Description: optical simulation some cases for optical principles,from some book
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Czhehua 2020-03-31 15:22:27
Description: Mathematica programming of power method
Plat: Mathematica | Size: 14KB | Downloads: 1
hMONKEY 2020-03-13 10:28:39
Description: Establish network, draw network diagram and calculate network invulnerability index; Under random attack and intentional attack, the change of network invulnerability index is simulated.
Plat: Python | Size: 71KB | Downloads: 18
打算我去 2020-03-07 16:40:24
Description: The most simple image segmentation, segmentation based on the threshold method, the effect is very obvious
Plat: matlab | Size: 82KB | Downloads: 2
双飞鹤 2020-02-06 18:45:26
Description: In the 84 coordinate system, if the fixed point on the earth does not move, the Doppler will change with time and angle in the process of satellite motion.
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lailaiququya 2019-12-31 16:28:45
Description: Use matlab to transfer the dat file collected by Inca to the workspace for simulation
Plat: matlab | Size: 29KB | Downloads: 2
Send2Ming 2019-12-26 14:53:10
Description: Optimization strategy of electric bus charging and discharging
Plat: matlab | Size: 10KB | Downloads: 9
少航 2019-12-11 10:45:31
Description: Based on the NaSch model, there are two kinds of traffic behaviors: lane change and car following. Welcome to download and exchange!
Plat: matlab | Size: 27KB | Downloads: 3
橙子123456789 2019-07-16 18:12:17
Description: Parabola Method, Mathematica Programming, Parabola Method to Find the Optimal Solution
Plat: Mathematica | Size: 2KB | Downloads: 3
哦吼吼111 2019-06-20 00:13:15
Description: Double closed-loop pi-regulated buck circuit
Plat: matlab | Size: 23KB | Downloads: 4
xueli_seu 2019-05-30 11:03:57
Description: Iris data classification based on python, Decision Tree Classifier, SVM, Logistic Regression, K-nearest Neighbours
Plat: Python | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 3
小小1189 2019-05-12 16:21:19
Description: An English book that systematically introduces the memetic algorithm, by Ferrant Neri, Carlos Cotta, and Pablo Moscato
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fgxiaoyi 2019-05-07 22:41:14
Description: Calculation of the sweet antenna reflector pattern gain, written in matlab language, can be run
Plat: matlab | Size: 15KB | Downloads: 6
LY311 2019-04-15 15:38:57
Description: Realize the calculation of posterior probability
Plat: matlab | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 1
imad93 2019-04-10 22:33:01
Description: Commande_GSAP_PQ PMSG
Plat: matlab | Size: 23KB | Downloads: 13
iamthebest 2019-03-13 12:51:51
Description: ESMD algorithm, can be used in many fields, this is their own download of the program to change
Plat: matlab | Size: 13KB | Downloads: 60
取个名字shu 2019-03-06 09:34:38
Description: For a composite system consisting of a single particle and a two-level system, the environment is characterized by the measurement of the entanglement degree of particles and systems, and the original ring is modified.
Plat: Mathematica | Size: 2KB | Downloads: 1
ridaokou 2019-02-21 20:42:18
Description: Pogo is an explicit time domain finite element solver for linear elastodynamic problems. Essentially this means that it can solve wave propagation or vibration problems in solid media.
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 2232KB | Downloads: 1