lasting 2018-08-14 12:10:30
Description: the file is my Jquery 's dom demo
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夕阳奚落 2018-08-14 11:46:03
Description: Video recording function
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tiwari1 2018-08-12 21:54:38
Plat: WINDOWS | Size: 3686KB | Downloads: 0
.net资源共享 2018-08-08 11:17:19
Description: net personnel management system source code One, source code characteristics Simple personnel management system, to achieve basic staff information management, backstage login, add, delete, check and so on, is very suitable for learning and graduation design use. Two. Menu function 1. Basic information management: system users, editorial information, staff member list, responsible member list, exit 2. Employee information: evaluation, welfare, performance 3, departments: increase departments, increase teams and increase projects. 4, information inquiry: staff information inquiry, responsible person information inquiry 5, windows: staff information editing, responsible information editing. 6. Help 7. System user: user add, password modification
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.net资源共享 2018-08-07 17:21:29
Description: net multifunction dialog box source code One, source code introduction 1. The interface imitated Metro UI 2, support color theme, fade in and fade in and other functions 3, you can display the message, enter, get the file path, and set the hotkey.
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.net资源共享 2018-08-07 13:08:16
Description: .net student achievement management system source code First, function introduction The source code is a student achievement management system. It is divided into three ways of landing: administrators, teachers and students. The administrator can operate all the functions of the website. The teachers and students have their own operating privileges respectively, and enter the background by entering the correct user number, password, and verification code. Note: the verifying code is case sensitive. Two. Menu function
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Description: .net uses Jquery+echarts to generate source code for statistical reports ECharts is based on Canvas, a pure Javascript diagram library, providing intuitive, vivid, interactive, customizable data visualization charts. Innovative drag-and-drop computing, data view, range roaming and other features greatly enhance the user experience, giving users the ability to mine and integrate data. In the example, the call of a pie chart and a histogram is shown. By calling the DrawBar or the DrawPie method, the report can be produced, and you can further wrap it as a user control to make it easy to use.
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.net资源共享 2018-08-07 13:04:27
Description: .net stored procedure operation database instance source code Source description: This is an entry level database that uses stored procedures to manipulate the database. The source code mainly exercises through the stored procedure to add or delete the database. Stored procedures have the advantages of modular programming, faster execution and reduced network traffic. The source code is suitable for beginners interested in stored procedures, for learning and communication purposes only.
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Description: net simple system hook tool source code Source description: This is a WinForm based system hang up lock small software, you can. Ensure your personal information is safe when you leave your computer for the time being. So it's good to protect Your privacy. The source function is more practical, and can be used as a personal computer in daily life. A small assistant to privacy. Usage: when unlocking, first click on the desktop and click on the mouse, then the dialog box will be popped out.
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Description: .net source code for aquaculture equipment management system Source description: This is the source code of a typical aquatic equipment management system. Its interface is beautiful and its functions are complete. 1. Member management Mainly including member list management and supplier management 2. Industry information The function of the management of industry information 3. Equipment management 4. Inventory management 5. Maintenance management 6. Message management 7. System management
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Description: .net The Classic Hotel management system source code The hotel management system is built in three layers. The front desk uses IrisSkin2 skin, and the interface is clean and tidy. Room management can check the type of rooms, charges, beds and so on. Commodity management: adding and modifying the quantity of goods and modifying the quantity of goods. The operation of the room includes: opening the library, booking rooms, checking out the guests, increasing consumption, changing state, etc.
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Description: .net project cost information network source code Functional introduction: The system uses EasyUI, HTML control, no server control. The system uses AJAX technology to exchange data for three-tier architecture. Using the ashx general processing program, the front-end layout is all handwritten CSS + DIV for me, testing only the higher version of the viewer and Google viewer Compatibility, recommending the use of Google excursions Development environment: Visual Studio 2010, SQL2008;
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Description: .net imitation chase net source code Functional introduction: Realized a static website similar to the catchment network, the home page shows a comprehensive life city information, here only to achieve the navigation of vehicle sales Information, to complete the rapid registration and login, you can view the information issued and account management, modify personal data; Is a copy of the works, many functions have not been achieved, need to do two job search website as a template, you can learn from it! Development environment: Visual Studio 2010, SQL2008;
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Description: net three layer simple library system source code Functional introduction: The use of three tier structure of the library management system, the function is relatively simple, suitable for beginners to use. Study System settings readers management books management books borrow system query Be careful: The development environment is Visual Studio 2010, and the database is SQL Server 2008.
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Description: net--IIS state monitoring source code Source description: Running environment: WINDOWS.NET FRAMEWORK2.0 Technical features: IIS status monitoring, startup, stop, restart, multithreading, registry reading and writing, XML read-write, computer restart.
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Description: WinForm's GDI drawing source.Net) GDI drawing source of WinForm Functional introduction: Use GDI to draw histogram, pie chart, curve map Interest can be downloaded learning. Only: Development environment is visual Studio 2010
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yurico 2018-08-02 17:36:38
Description: visual studio visual besic
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Anne_Xu 2018-07-31 14:52:20
Description: On the C# to achieve various types of drawing function, including all kinds of single, combined graphics, text and so on.
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sunwent 2018-07-31 09:11:20
Description: learn how to use treeview
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Description: Net flower gift shopping website source code 180721 Network collation hopes to help people
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jjing123 2018-07-19 16:31:15
Description: The system is mainly divided into two parts: voice verification code page and generation verification code page. 1. The front page of the voice verification code In the front page of the speech verification code, the user enters the user name and password, and also enters the verification code. At this time, the verification code can be input according to the verification code displayed in the picture of the authentication code, or the "loudspeaker" read verification code after the verification code picture is clicked. Then, input according to the heard code. After entering correctly, click "login" button to login. 2. Create a verification code page This module uses Random random number generator to generate four bit random verification code, and generate voice verification code page.
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jjing123 2018-07-19 16:27:19
Description: nstructions The user can create a photo album on its own. And when uploading pictures, you can choose to upload them to a photo album. After you click the add picture button, users can add pictures to upload individually or batch. The selected pictures will be added to the upload queue. After that, click the "start upload" button to upload the picture, and you can see the progress bar uploaded.
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jjing123 2018-07-19 16:25:07
Description: The application of this program is written by the three layer architecture that the readers have paid more attention to. The application development environment is the AJAX without refresh environment with VS2008, and it is realized by the undecrypted MD5 one-way encryption technology for the web site security. Readers can log in first with the identity of super administrator (username: Mr password: mrsoft), then you can set the candidate ID number and teacher ID number, then you can log in as examinee or teacher, where the administrator has the authority to set the function.
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soliemanpanah 2018-07-15 06:30:57
Description: network security this article is very good fore safty in network
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nima181818 2018-07-13 19:33:34
Description: Rough Set Sara Tools
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Description: Net well-known garment entry and storage system complete source code 2018 Project description Running environment: VisualStudio2010 + SQLite Technical features: the use of three tier architecture design procedures, the replacement of the underlying database type is convenient. Functional description: Personnel: operator management, supplier management, customer management Inventory: inventory management, inventory inventory Sales: clothing sales, clothing returns Clothing: clothing categories, clothing registration Sales: sales statistics, profit statistics Help Welcome users who are interested in downloading learning
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gjl2556 2018-07-11 09:14:56
Description: WPF DataGrid help class, data binding set column title, etc.
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张小宝2018 2018-07-09 20:09:00
Description: The book management system (VB.NET) of the graduation project (Access) can be used as a front and back development tool, is to treat Access as a database, and do not do the development of the front desk. Vs is used as a development tool.
Plat: Visual Basic | Size: 671KB | Downloads: 2
tingcomabc 2018-07-08 16:41:12
Description: The system includes student management system, teachers and administrators management system management system.
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beqee 2018-07-08 09:02:54
Description: an clock on windows
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